Travel Lodge - Paisley Road Glasgow

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Hello everyone! I've just got back from a wee trip to Glasgow with my boyfriend Stuart. We stayed in the Paisley Road Travel Lodge for 2 nights*. Its a 20 minute walk from the city centre and has free parking! If you're travelling to Glasgow via train then the Central hotel would probably be best for you but as we were driving in the free parking was really too good to say no to! There was a little machine in the lobby and all you had to do was enter your license plate into it each day of the stay! So rare to find free parking in a city centre! If you're really into art or music then there will definitely be something for you to do in Glasgow. Its also a short drive from Loch Lomond. Stuart and I took a drive up one night and it was so lovely!

We were staying in one of the standard double rooms and it was really nice. Travel Lodge have their own specially designed mattress, my parents actually bought one of them after loving their stay in a Travel Lodge so much! So we had two really good nights sleep in them. The bathroom was also really nice and spacious and the shower was really powerful and hot.  We watched TV for a bit on one of the nights so that was a nice little thing to have in the room! The only thing I really felt was missing was a mini fridge style thing. As you can see we brought a lot of snacks with us! It would have been nice to have something to chill our drinks with. There was a bottle opener attached to the desk so they obviously expect people to be drinking in the rooms.

Overall we really enjoyed our stay. The bed was amazing and the staff were really friendly. They also had so much information about Glasgow in the lobby including leaflets about local attractions and free 'People Make Glasgow' maps of the city which were so handy!

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