Clarks Dessert Sauces

Friday, 15 May 2015

If you've been following my blog for quite a while then you'll know that I've worked with Clarks before to make some body scrub and some cupcakes. Two very different things that have one thing in common: great maple syrup. But Clarks are pushing out the boat and expanding into new territory. They've just started making dessert sauces! They sent me three bottles* to try: strawberry, chocolate and caramel. We usually have a big Sunday dinner as a family and dessert is something we take very seriously. In fact, my boyfriend once told me that his favourite thing about my family is how we always make sure there's a dessert on a Sunday! Ain't no body messing with our cake! So, what did my family think?

I decided to have some ice cream and strawberries topped off with some of the caramel sauce. I really liked it although we found it to be a bit gritty in texture, I quite liked this as it reminded me of liquid Scottish tablet but the rest of my family weren't overly keen. If you've tried tablet before then you'll know what we mean by the gritty feel. My gran had the strawberry sauce with some strawberries, jelly and ice cream. She much preferred this to the caramel and said it tasted like real strawberries. Not like the artificial tate you get off some sauces. My sister had some of the chocolate on a cone. But a certain furry friend got there first. I think you can see by his face that he enjoyed it!

All in all a success!

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