Is Crocheted Fashion Ethical?

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Hello everyone! I was recently watching a Zoella haul where I saw her with a crocheted crop top from Topshop. I went and looked it up and was quite surprised to see that they claimed that it was handmade. After a quick look around I saw that they sell quite a few crocheted pieces. And I have to admit I have to admit that I have a problem with this being a crocheter myself. Crocheting is fun but there's no arguing that it is time consuming and people don't value the time and skill that goes into something that's been crocheted. 

Crochet can't be done by machine.
Unlike knitting, crocheting can only be done by hand. You'll quite often see edging that looks quite lacey and is often referred to as crochet. This is actualy made by the same technique as lace, it just looks like its crocheted. Its just generally a lot easier to call it crochet because if it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck right? Right. But the very stereotypical 'granny square' style of crocheting can only be done by hand.

So take the crocheted crop top pictured there in the middle. That is definitely hand made. It costs £36. If I had to guess, I would say that that would take me at least 5 or more hours. Depending on the size of course. And then there's the cost of the wool and the lining in the top. So how can someone be paid a decent wage to make something that will take a good few hours to make and for Topshop to sell it for £36 and still make a profit. I know that its hard to guarantee that clothes on the high street are ethically made but something about this just doesn't add up to me. When I sell things that I crochet I definitely under price myself. There's something about underpricing yourself when you sell things to your friends and family and being a multinational company underpricing the people who make your clothes.

I for one will be not be buying anything this summer that I can tell is hand crocheted. On trend or not on trend. What do you think?

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