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Wednesday, 10 June 2015
Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good day. Today I'm just doing a wee blog post to keep you up to date with some of the things that I've been making recently. I seem to have a really bad habit of starting new projects before finishing the ones I've been working on. So I always seem to have a few work-in-progresses on the go.

This is the start of one of the Sophie's Universe blankets(pattern details here). To be honest I think I've bitten off a lot more than I can chew with this one. The finished blanket is 6 foot by 6 foot and has over 100 rounds. I've already made so many mistakes. I think I'm going to square it off at the point it is, back and and turn it into a cushion.

Available on Etsy here.
I made this little cat brooch using this pattern. I made one of the appliques with the details sewn on and then I made a plain one. Then I joined them together using slip stitches and attached a brooch backing. I bought a bag of brooch backings from Hobbycraft about 2 years ago  but have only just worked out a way to attached them to crocheted projects securely. I actually made another before this and listed it on Etsy and it sold in about 10 minutes. So I made this replacement.

Available on Etsy here.
One of my favourite crochet bloggers, Bella Coco, recently posted this rose tutorial which I thought was really cute. I made a few and attached brooch backings to them as well. Recently my gran gave me a bag with loads of left over bits of wool in it. These are perfect for using those up!

Available on Etsy here.
This project definitely doesn't look very summery. Probably because I bought this wool in November and have only just gotten round to using it now. This is a corner to corner blanket. The free pattern is available online here. This is the 3rd corner to corner I've made and I totally love the pattern. They are so easy to make and work up so quickly! The wool is Stylecraft Special Double Knitting in Teal, Emperor, Gold and Aspen.

 This one is one that I've been working on since around Christmas time. Like I said, I really need to finish old projects before starting new ones. I wasn't making this for anyone in particular. Just using up the odd ends of wool. But then yesterday a woman I work with asked if I could make her a blanket in this style so its worked out pretty conveniently. The squares are all just different colours. I'm adding a layer of black around each square and then will be joining them with black wool. I think the black really makes the colours pop and I can't wait to see this when its finished!

So that's what I've been working on recently! Can you crochet? If so have you ever made anything like these?
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