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Saturday, 27 June 2015
Hello everyone. I've already written two posts about how to read more books(here and here) but I still get a lot of comments asking about how to get into reading in the first place. Or people saying that they don't really enjoy reading or have never really gotten hooked on a book and asking for my advice on how to enjoy it more. Reading is something that I've always loved from a young age so I don't really know when or how I got into reading. Its just a part of me! But I've compiled this list of 5 tips on getting into reading. Obviously I don't know if these will work as I've never really tried them myself but these are the things that I think would work best for people who want to start reading books!

Visit your local library - If you're wanting to get into reading then the price of books may daunt you a little bit. I read books all the time so I know that spending £7.99 on a book is probably an investment that will end well for me. So a good way to get around this is to visit your local library. Signing up for a card is really quick(and free!) and you can take out loads of books instantly. Libraries will also have lots of cool things like audio books and graphic novels that you might be interested in as well. So head down to the library, try and get a wide range of books so that you can try different genres and see which ones you like best.

Ask your friends for recommendations - Your friends are good people. You probably already have a few things in common. So there's a pretty good chance that your friends probably have good taste in books too. So go round your friends and ask for some recommendations. Then have a look online at what those books are all about and pick a few that you like the sound of the most. Try these ones out! The benefit of this is that most of your booky friends will probably be willing to lend you some of these books. But remember to take care of them. I find it really annoying and disrespectful when someone borrows one of my books and returns it in bad condition.

Try a new genre - Science Fiction books might not seem like your kinda thing but if you've never tried reading any then how will you know! Some times picking up a book that you think you'll hate might be the best thing for you. Once you get properly into reading its much easier to know exactly what you like and dislike in books but until then why not try out as much as possible. There are so many genres out there: romance, mystery, crime, horror, science fiction, contemporary, verse, young adult, new adult, dystopian, historical, chick lit, classics, graphic novels, autobiographies, fantasy, military and on and on! Push out the boat and try something new!

Dedicate some time every day for reading - I always try to read for at least 15 minutes before bed. Every day. This might seem like a lot to you if you don't read a lot but its actually 1.04% of my day and I really enjoy it. This is when I get the majority of my reading done and most of the time I actually end up reading for longer than 15 minutes because I really enjoy it. Reading before bed really switches me off and helps me to fall asleep faster.

Try reading somewhere new - I read in bed. I read on the sofa. I read on the bus. I read on the train. I'll read on my lunch break. Etc etc. You might not like reading whilst sitting in your house. But you might actually quite like it as a way to pass the time on your morning commute rather than watching cat videos on your phone(I love a good cat video but they aren't exactly productive). So try reading in a new environment. It might work out a lot better than you expected.

I hope these tips are helpful! Let me know in the comments which book you plan to read next! Also don't forget to enter my giveaway.

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