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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be recommending you some books. I think The Fault In Our Stars got a lot of people into reading. A lot of people didn't like it but a lot of people did. I've been a fan of John Green since before he released The Fault In Our Stars and I even had the chance to meet him. He was such a nice guy and is exactly like he is in his YouTube videos. So this post is for those who loved the book. I'm going to be giving you some recommendations of books to read if you liked The Fault In Our Stars. Because if you liked that, you'll love these books. Let me know if you enjoy this style of post and I can do some more!

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jessie Andrews - This has often been compared to TFIOS which is a little unfair as they were released around the same time. If I'm honest, I enjoyed this one more! This book is about a teenage guy who doesn't really have a lot of friends in school. His tactic is to keep quiet and go under the radar. Until his mum starts forcing him to go visit an old childhood friend who is dying of cancer. This is a book about cancer and it is laugh out loud funny. How does that work? I'm not sure. This book will make you cry but it will also make you laugh and it makes for a great reading experience.

Paper Towns by John Green - Lets just assume that if you liked one John Green book then you'll probably like his other ones too. I think a lot of people have just read The Fault In Our Stars and not even considered reading any more of John Green's books which is a real shame. My favourite is Paper Towns which is about a guy who ends up going on a road trip looking for a girl from his school who went missing. They've also made a movie of this one which is due to come out in UK cinemas in August. So pick up a copy of this and read it before the movie comes out.

Severed Heads, Broken Hearts by Robyn Schneider - Another great read. This one is about a really popular guy who is really into athletics. He is involved in a car accident that leaves him unable to walk without crutches and with his sporting dreams in ruins. After realising his friends were only really friends with him because of the status that being sporty gave him, he decides to draw out of his friendship group and start anew. I really loved this one, it was very addictive and I read it really quickly. It even says on the cover that John Green fans will love this book.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - If you haven't heard of this one by now then where have you been?! Its an absolutely beautiful book. Its about a young boy who has some sort of behavioural problem who decides he will solve the mystery of who killed his neighbour's dog. Christopher is a really sweet narrator and its hard not to really care for him the more you read!

Fish Out of Water by Natalie Whipple - I've actually already written a whole review of this book which you can read here. This has definitely been one of my favourite books of the year so far. Its about a girl whose elderly and senile grandmother comes to live with her. She has never met her before because he grandmother stopped speaking to her dad because he married someone who wasn't white. It creates a really interesting story that I would definitely recommend!

What books would you recommend to someone who loved The Fault In Our Stars?

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