Lee Stafford Gets Rid Of Frizz Treatment

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Hello everyone! I'd been feeling pretty bored with my hair recently. It was just feeling really dry and was constantly tuggy. Sometimes it would take me about half an hour to completely brush out my hair and detangle it fully. Not nice! But then I realised that I'd stopped using a lot of products in it(mostly out of laziness) like treatments and leave in sprays. I have a few sprays in my house already but no treatments so I headed down to Boots to see what was on offer. Since I gave up using animal tested products(more on that here) I've had to give up my favourite: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. I was happy to find out that Lee Stafford don't test their products on animals and they were on an offer for 2 for £10. I don't think that's too bad considering how good they are! They're also sulfate(sulphate*) free which I know is a big concern for some people when it comes to hair products. 

I've tried the treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length(review here) but this time around I'm not really concerned about growing my hair any longer. I just want to improve the condition of it. So I decided to pick up this one instead. The 'Gets Rid Of Frizz Treatment' which as a curly haired girl, sounds good to me. These treatments are designed to be used between shampooing and conditioning. And that's the magic. The results just aren't as good if you don't condition afterwards. I always thought that if I put conditioner on after these treatments then my hair would be too greasy but that's not the case. Afterwards my hair is so smooth and soft. I almost can't stop touching it because I'm so impressed with the final result. Its reminded me how nice my hair can actually be if I put effort into it so I will definitely be returning to Lee Stafford in the future to solve my hair problems!

What are your favourite hair treatments?

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*Recently there was a deal struck between the British and the Americans that the Americans would start pronouncing aluminium like the British if we start spelling sulphur 'sulfur'. Guess who isn't holding up their end of the deal? #chemistrystudentproblems.

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