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Friday, 26 June 2015
Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who filled out my reader survey. It really helped me understand what my readers want from this blog. The results were really interesting(to me at least) so I thought I'd share them with you. There are also some comments that I want to address and ask for some more feedback!

How old are you?
Under 18 - 20%
18-25 - 60%
25-35 - 20%
Over 35 - 0%

This one was really interesting as it totally disagrees with what Google Analytics says about my reader demographics!

How long have you been following Water Painted Dreams?

I got a really varied set of results from this one. Ranging from one day to since the beginning. It actually worries how many people have been following my blog for 3 years or so. Kudos to you for sticking around through my bad image quality stages!

How do you follow Water Painted Dreams?

This doesn't surprise me at all! Obviously BlogLovin' is the most popular as it really is the main way to keep up to date with my blog. And then Twitter obviously. It was quite interesting to see that a lot of people follow me on Twitter and read my posts but don't actually follow me on BlogLovin'. I'm seriously considering scrapping my blog's Facebook page because I don't think its really worth it. I have around 200 likes which is nothing compared to my followers on other platforms and each post on it is only seen by around 10 people. What do you think?

I would really like to work on growing my Instagram and Pinterest followers though. I've tried to kick start my Pinterest again by adding some new boards and I'm hoping to get back into using it on a regular basis.

What sort of posts would you like to see more of?

The options I gave were baking/recipes, books, outfits, crocheting, student life and blogging advice. The most popular responses were books and student life, with recipes, outfits and crocheting taking joint third. And lastly blogging advice. I expected blogging advice to be more popular so its interesting to see it come last. That's why I love these surveys. Some people also left comments for the other section and these said:

Lifestyley trips out sort of things, 'cause I'm naughty and like to see what things people do.
I like when you get ranty :) I think your 'niche' is the books, crocheting and planned student life post though (I didn't tick books because we don't really have the same tastes, but it's something you should definitely stick with).
Tbf, I like all your posts so I'm happy to see anything!
Restaurant reviews in Edinburgh and maybe some more beauty reviews like you used to do

I will definitely be happy to do these style of posts! Apart from maybe travel as I don't do a lot of travelling(although I have just booked a trip to Geneva) and its hard to write posts about travelling unless you actually, you know, travel. I'm sure I will visit some more new places this summer so will do some travel posts as and when I can!
I also really want to do more Edinburgh restaurant reviews although I'm home for the summer at the moment. As soon as I move back into town for second year this is something I will start up again.

Are there any sort of blog posts you don't enjoy or would like to see less of?

Dog stuff - I received this comment a few times which was a little disheartening. I really do appreciate everyone's honest responses but honestly I will be ignoring this one. My dog is a big part of my life and my blog is a lifestyle blog! I appreciate that a lot of people don't like dogs/are scared of them and therefore aren't interested in dog related blog posts. They aren't too frequent on this blog anyway so I hope that people who don't want to see them will continue to read my blog and just skim past these posts as they come up!

Crocheting - I can understand that a lot of people won't be interested in this as it isn't a popular hobby. I don't want to remove it completely but I will bare in mind not to go on about it constantly. A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Currently Crocheting which was a summary of a few things I've made recently. I think I will stick to posts like this rather than individual posts for each project. My Etsy will still be promoted via my blog though because mama got bills to pay.

What can I do to improve Water Painted Dreams?

I feel like the blog post photos could be a bit more visually appealing they are amazing quality though - I am constantly trying to improve my photos so this is something that I'll definitely be working on. At the moment I'm really struggling with how to arrange things in photos and finding decent lighting. If you guys could leave me some suggestions on how to improve my photos in the comments then I would really appreciate this. Or if you could point out some of my old posts where you like the photos, I could try to replicate the style of the photos in new posts.

More Batdog pictures. I'd like it if your posts where longer but I appreciate that that's not always possible - Thank you for showing some love for the furry fella! Longer blog posts are definitely something that I want to get into doing more often. I want to make sure that I am very passionate about all the blog posts I publish and that none of them are just filler blog posts to take up space. I have some really good ideas at the moment for some blog posts that are really long and a few of them are prescheduled. I definitely 100% agree with this comment.

A new header would really give the blog a new look - I've had this design for about a year now and whilst there are somethings that I want to change slightly, I don't really have any plans to change anything major with my design any time soon. The header represents what my blog is about and I still really like it. Thank you for the feedback but I don't think I'll be doing this anytime soon. Unless everyone comments on this post like 'your design is awful get a new one' and then I'll look into it.

Maybe doing posts that review more than one book at once? - This is definitely something I'd like to integrate into my blog, I'm just not too sure about the best way to go about it. What would I call the posts? Mini reviews? If you have a better idea leave it in the comments. I've definitely found that individual book reviews don't do as well, pageviews wise, as the rest of my blog posts so there is definitely some room for improvement. If you agree with that comment then let me know in the comments what you think the best way to deal with this would be!

More crocheting - I actually had a few people say something along the lines of this which is so confusing as a lot of people also said they would like to see less crochet. I guess you can't please everyone. I think I'm going to do more posts along the lines of the Currently Crocheting one I wrote a few weeks ago. These will be summaries of what I've made recently. If you want to keep up with my crocheting I would really recommend liking my crocheting Facebook page here or following me on Instagram here.

Commas and more photography - This one is a bit more ambiguous. If this was you could you specify in the comments what you want me to do with commas please? Also what did you mean by more photography. Do you mean more photos or better quality? Or more photos in different styles? Please leave me a comment. If you didn't write this but still think you could give some advice then be sure to let me know!

I would say maybe put *read more* on longer/photo heavy posts, as my stupid slow internet takes ages to load them. It's not really a criticism of you, but it might help others too :) - Thank you for letting me know about this. Its definitely something I am interested in integrating into my posts more.

If you've made it to the end of this blog post then you deserve a gold star because it was super long! Thank you to everyone that filled out my survey as it has been very eye opening and will hopefully help me change Water Painted Dreams into a more successful blog! Also I didn't include comments for the last few questions that said things like 'I like it the way it is, keep writing' because it would have made this post to long. But know that I read every response and really appreciated everything everyone said. Your kind words mean a lot to me! If you feel like you have anything to add further to these comments then please let me know in the comments, that would be greatly appreciated!

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