Sam Goes To The Beach #pawhumour

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hello everyone. Today I'm blogging about my dog, yay. I am one of those people that could talk about their dog ALL DAY if I had to. You know how some people know what they want to call their future children? I know what I want to call my future dogs. Yup, I'm one of those people. We all love our pets and we would hate for anything bad to happen to them. Which is when you have to start looking into things like vets and pet insurance. MORE TH>N offer a policy that covers all your pets and you get multipet discount. For every policy sold £20 will be donated to the RSPCA so that they can help protect and care for animals across England and Wales(a similar chairty, the SSPCA, operate in Scotland).

So I thought I'd tell you a great story about Sam as part of the #pawhumour campaign. Sam(also known online as Batdog) is a two(almost three) year old chocolate Labrador. We adopted him from a couple in April 2013 and he has lived with us ever since. He loves the water. He can't walk past a puddle without going in it. We are really lucky to live in an area that has a few rivers, streams and ponds. And Sam will swim in all of them if given half a chance. But one thing he had never done was swim in the sea! My first dog was a black Labrador called Isla and whenever we took her to the beach she would drink the sea water which made her really ill. Even though we live a short drive away from the beach it was never somewhere we had taken the dog!

So when we went on holiday to Arran we knew it would be unavoidable. Our hotel was right by the sea. We decided to just take the plunge and take Sam down to the beach and let him off the lead. His reaction was hilarious. I mean look at the face in that second picture! He went running straight in. He seemed to be completely loving it. Then he got hit by a wave. Then he came running out faster than he ran in. A few minutes later he seemed to have forgotten his ordeal and went straight back in. Guess what happened? Yup you were right. It became 'run in, run out' on repeat. So funny. That little guy lightens up my life! It totally tired him out and he had to have a nap afterwards in the hotel.

What funny things do your pets do? Have you ever taken a dog to the beach?

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