Thoughts from Pretty Little Liars Season 6

Sunday, 7 June 2015
Hello everyone! This blog post contains SPOILERS from the first episode of season 6 of Pretty Little Liars. If you have not seen it yet then do not continue to read this post or click past the read more! You have been warned! This is just a jokey little post about what I thought whilst watching the new episode. I have a love hat relationship with Pretty Little Liars. I like the show but sometimes think the characters in it can be so stupid! I really loved this episode though and can't wait for the rest of the season so that I can find out more! This will contain swearing and a lot of jokes. Sorry if I'm not as funny as I thought I was.

Theories about season 6 pretty little liars

1. Aye right, Game On Charles, lets go.
2. Who is that spooky bitch watching them? Damn that is a lot of tallying.
3. Surely when they went missing the police would have sent out helicopters and stuff. Wouldn't that weird hut thing have flagged as suspicious? Unless Charles has planning permission. How do you get planning permission for a weird dungeon?
4. 'I'm not going back down there' that's alright hen he's not letting you.
5. Probs not a good idea to call the person who is in control of you and all your pals a bitch now is it?
6. Why has one girl been excluded from sitting under the dress tent? Bit harsh.
7. Everyone is nakey.
8. The hole? I thought I was watching PLL not Scandal.
9. Jesus christ why are they all screaming?
10. Likin' dat scruff on Ezra.
11. Allison's new style and hair just screams 'MOM'.
12. Here we go with that bloody yellow shirt again.
13. Toby that is clearly not a real person damn it.
14. Pig mask for the police hahaha so original.
15. And now Alison had been kidnapped. Gold star to the police.
16. Oh, not kidnapped, just running away. Sneaky sneaky.
17. Ah ha, group plan.
18. How did Andrew become the suspect anyway? Thought he was the good guy?
19. What happened in the 3 weeks?!
20. Jesus Aria's pink hair is not a good look.
21. None of them look physically injured and I don't think Charles seems like the sexual abuse type, so what made them scream like that?
22. Welcome card? Bringing in the real Allison then.
23. It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again,
24. That wardrobe writing is creepy as fuck.
25. That seems like an awfully optimistic plate enhancement.
26. See point 5 for a similar reaction to Aria's 'I will kill you' outburst.
27. Etch a Sketch secret communications.
28. Nice wee drive through the woods.
29. Why does anyone fancy Toby next to Ezra and Caleb. Like hello?!
30. Good bye tracking shoes.
31. How did Charles get so many bloody versions of that yellow top?
32. Secret passsageway, so Scooby Do.
33. This whole Jason is Charles's twin theory is so bullshit. The kids in that video are like 4-5? Surely Jason would remember having a brother that disappeared. 
34. Its actually really hard to use a keyboard with gloves on so not likely A.
35. Aye just start a fire in the underground dungeon you're stuck in. Seems like the perfect plan. What could possibly go wrong?
36. Who wants to bet that it's Caleb and Ezra that Allison is hearing in the woods? 
37. Yup, so anticlimactic.
38. The Charles behind the window has been the scariest bit yet.
39. So now we've gone from 'put out the fire' to 'put everything in the fire'.
40. Surely they would have seen him move out of the corner of their eyes at least?
41. If only escaping was that easy.
42. Could actually greet at the Hannah and Caleb reuninion.
43. When Spencer sees Toby and is like 'lol bye Mona'.
44. Sarah who?
45. Ok so much for summer of answers. More like summer of more bloody questions.

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