5 Ways To Share The Blogging Love

Wednesday, 8 July 2015
Hello everyone! At the moment I'm trying my hardest to put out more love into the world. That sounds a bit cringey but its true. A lot of bad things have been happening recently and alongside that the blogging community has lost 3 amazing members. I think that struck us all as a little shock to the system. I also recently broke up with my boyfriend which was really tough and I'm still trying to keep it together. I don't regret this decision but its still hard to get through it. I don't want to plaster it all over my blog but I think you guys deserve to know as I had been with Stuart since before I'd started this blog. I've decided I'm going to dedicate this summer to feeling good about myself and as I already said, putting more love out into the world. I want to be more active in the blogging community, especially on Twitter, and frequent the chats more and support other blogs. This post is all about how I plan to do that and some suggestions for things that you can do to share the love in the blogging community. You reap what you sow. 

Write a Blog Roll - A Blog Roll is a page on your blog where you list your favourite blogs to read. This is a great way to recommend some other bloggers to people who are looking for new blogs to read.  My old blog roll was listed alphabetically but when I revamped it last month I split the blogs into categories and then alphabetised them within the categories. This makes it easier for people to find the blogs they're interested in reading. I like it much better this way! You can read mine here. These blogs are all great so if you have some time you can have a read through them and hopefully find a new favourite.

RT people's tweets about their blog posts - Its something really simple but it can totally make my day when someone retweets a link to one of my blog posts. It opens my blog up to a whole new audience and will help my stats boost a little bit. This is often how I gain new followers on Twitter. In fact, once Zoe London tweeted a link to my blog post about whether bloggers should blog for free or not(link here) and I got 275 pageviews from that tweet in an hour!  

Click on bloggers's advertisers - A lot of my favourite bloggers offer some form of sidebar advertising. I used to but I found the whole thing to be quite stressful so I stopped doing and don't regret it.  That being said, I still want to support my favourite bloggers and their sponsorships. I definitely can't afford to advertise on my favourite blogs all of the time but I can still help them out by actually clicking through to the blogs they're advertising and giving them a read. The more traffic the advertiser gets from that blog, the more likely they are to advertise again or recommend it to others. So this is just a nice and easy way to help out your fellow bloggers without actually buying the advertising yourself.

Comment on more posts - I used to comment on every single blog post I read. After starting university I definitely didn't have time to do this anymore and I pretty much stopped commenting on blogs. Which made me really sad. Buuuuuuut. Even now if I try and comment on at least a few blog posts every day I feel a lot better. I'm working full time over the summer but I still have more free time than I did over the academic year so I have no excuse not to comment on other blogs!

Give them a follow Friday #ff shout out on Twitter - Every Friday my Twitter feed becomes full of bloggers building each other up with follow friday tweets. Either listing a load of bloggers in one tweet or doing individual tweets explaining  what they love about that blogger. The blogging world can get catty at times so its nice to see people sharing the love instead of the bitchiness.

How do you share the love with your favourite bloggers?

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