Tuesday, 21 July 2015

An Honest OOTD

Shirt & Jeans - Topshop // Bag - Accessorize // Shoes - Schuh // Watch - Olivia Burton // Nails - Barry M Papaya

When I share outfits on my blog they tend to be ones that I'm really happy with. Ones that I want to show off. And that's ok, its ok to feel nice in an outfit and want people to see it. But I don't dress like that all the time. More often than not I just find myself throwing on jeans and a t shirt. And that's also another side to me. This is what I'll wear for lectures, labs, lazy days around the house, when I visit my dad/grandparents etc. I used to be really into wearing dresses almost every day but I just don't feel like that's me anymore. I feel really comfortable with my friends from uni and I think its really helped me feel more confident about myself. I don't feel like I need to be dressed really nicely around them all the time. Heck when we're hanging out I could show up in my pyjamas and a lab coat and it would be congratulated. So here is an honest outfit of the day. Nerding out in my NASA shirt and my wrinkly old Joni jeans. And the pigtails? I sleep in them because it stops my hair form getting as tuggy. If I'm having a lazy day then generally I'll keep them in for the next day too. Yes, I look like a bit of an idiot. No, I don't care. 

So a little bit of an update on what I've been up to recently. My gran had her big operation yesterday which was a big relief for my family as she has been waiting for it since January. I'm not allowed to go and see her just yet because of hospital regulations and stuff but I can't wait to go and see her when she is moved wards. Very stressful but we are just glad that it's over! But I do have some good news. I've been struggling to deal with my recent break up. I don't regret it but it has still been very hard for me. And it's been making me really miss my friends from uni. So I am very glad to say that I'm meeting up with them in Edinburgh on Thursday. I'm getting the train in straight after my shift finishes at 3 and I cannot be more excited. I thought I wasn't going to get to see them until my trip to Geneva in September so this was such a lovely surprise! I think we are going to  go for dinner and then maybe have some drinks afterwards. I am working at 12 on Friday so I am debating whether I should come home that night or stay in Edinburgh but I'm sure that we will have an amazing time regardless!

What have you been up to recently. And what would your honest OOTD look like?

PS: Should it be a honest ootd or an honest ootd? Grammar is not my strong point!
PS PS: I'm going to be doing a 2'000 follower giveaway soon and was wondering what sort of thing you guys would be interested in me giving away. I was thinking about an elephant in a colour of the winner's choice but not sure if people would be interested in that or if that would be 'enough'. Please let me know in the comments what sort of thing you would like to win. Make up? Stationery? Books? Elephants?

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