Calton Hill At Sunset

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

On Thursday I got the train through to Edinburgh after work. Last week me and my friends from university made the impromptu decision to all meet up in Edinburgh again. I hadn't seen any of them since we moved out of  our university halls in May and I've missed them a lot. I wasn't a very socially confident person in high school and I never had a ton of friends. After starting university I really came into my own and I now have a really great group of friends. We've even booked a holiday to Switzerland at the start of September. Because we all live in different parts of the UK I wasn't expecting to see them until our trip. It's been about three weeks since my break up and whilst I don't regret my decision I still have been feeling kind of down and like I really needed my friends. So this meet up could not have come at a better time for me. 

We arrived in Edinburgh just before 4 o'clock and went sight seeing to one of our favourite places in Edinburgh: the Nicholson Street Lidl. The heart and soul of all student cooking. Like seriously. We went straight there from the train station so that I could buy soap for the bathroom in my new flat. Then we went onto Tesco for booze and went to see another one of my friend's new flat and then went back to mine(which has wifi!) where we ordered Chinese food. To be honest it wasn't the best Chinese food I've ever had which was pretty disappointing seeing as I've ordered from that one before and it was lovely! But Chinese food is Chinese food and we still had a nice dinner. We had bought some ciders so we decided to take these and climb Calton Hill which is a small hill just at the East end of Princes Street. It's not too tall and you can get a good view of the city from the top. I haven't climbed it in about 4 years and I had forgotten just how beautiful the view was. We went up just as the sun was setting and I'm so glad that I had brought my camera with me so that I could capture it.

I'm not going to lie, I've not been having the best summer. In fact, I never really have good summers. There seems to be this big pressure that everyone in the summer is having an amazing time. The reality of it is that I enjoy the first few weeks and then in all honesty I get bored. Structure is something that I cope well with and I much prefer being at uni and knowing what I'm doing each day, even if I do have less free time. I've been working full time this summer so it hasn't been as bad but recently I have found myself slipping into those summer time blues. But, sitting on top of that hill with my friends I felt really, really happy. Tipsy. But happy. And I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The last year has been hard but when I look back at where I was last year, I wouldn't change it for the world. I've lost friends that needed losing but met so many amazing people. I've also ended a relationship that I wasn't happy in any more, it was a hard decision but I don't regret it. Sometimes you just need a night with your friends to put everything into perspective.

So here's to the bloody summer. Here's to friendship. Here's to ciders on Calton Hill. Here's to being a lightweight. Here's to tipsy train rides home. Here's to forgetting it was Thursday night and here's to wishing for September.

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