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Thursday, 16 July 2015

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Like a typical blogger I absolutely love cute decor. I can spend ages on Pinterest pinning pictures of beautiful houses and rooms that I'd love to have. Last week I moved my stuff into a new flat which means a new beginning and a chance to really make that place my own. With it being rented accommodation I can't do too much to it(even though I am dying to hang some shelves) but one thing that I can do to inject some personality into my room is get some awesome bed sheets. I take most of my blog photos against my bed sheets or a crocheted blanket. I actually lost my trusty 'blogging bed sheets'. You know the blue floral ones? If you've been following Water Painted Dreams for a while then you'll know exactly which ones I'm talking about! I think my mum may have thrown them out but is denying it! Anyway, RIP sheets, I've been on the hunt to find a new set of blogging bed sheets. And just some pretty ones for my new room. Ideally I'd like to have a few sets so that I can change them over regularily and have spare ones to put on whilst I'm washing the others.

The flat has double beds which is very appreciated as I've never had one before. It also gives me the chance to buy lots of new duvet covers. Yay! My normal go to for duvet covers is Primark but obviously couldn't include any of theirs here due to their frustrating lack of website. I've never been one for spending a ton of money on bedsheets as all of my cheap sets have actually been really good. The set that I have on my new double bed at the moment is from ASDA and is pretty much the same as number four but has a different colour scheme. I wish I'd seen number four first though because I think I prefer the colours of that one! Some of these sheets are a bit more expensive so I'm never going to buy them but at least a girl can dream right? IKEA is also another great place to get bed sheets although I've never found their sheets to be as soft as my Primark sheets. I do need to go to IKEA anyway as I need to buy some bits and bobs for the flat. I need to buy a desk chair for my room and I also want to buy some of those coat hooks that you can hang over the back of your door. I'm going to buy my desk from Homebase and I may consider buying a cheap IKEA bookcase but I want to see what the desk looks like in my room before I make my mind up about the bookcase. ADULT LIFE.

What are your favourite bed sheets from this selection. Which ones should I get?

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