Monday, 20 July 2015

Dreaming of Pay Day

Payday Wishlist

MacBook Air // Jeans // Camera // Bracelets // MacBook Sleeve // Shoes

The summer is flying by and I can't believe that it's almost payday again. Not that I'm complaining. This Friday is my pay day. At least I think it is. I used to think that pay day was on the last Thursday of every month until someone I work with told me that it was actually on the 26th of every month. But the 26th this month is a Sunday and pay day can't be a Sunday right? So then it should be Friday? Or Monday? I'm hoping Friday! Oh man, I really don't know how to adult! My pay check last month was amazing as I've been working much more over the summer. I've almost quadrupled my hours and had a pay rise so I am rolling the dollar. Obviously I don't want to go too crazy but I do think I deserve to treat myself. I just need to keep some money saved for rent and for my trip to Switzerland in September.

This is a bit of a tech wishlist as I have been looking at MacBooks and bridge cameras. I've really been wanting to up my blogging game and I think I want to invest in some technology to help me do that. I know a MacBook isn't essential but I've wanted one for ages and I can finally afford one so why not. Everyone who doesn't have one says they aren't worth the money but everyone who has one says they totally are so I think I'll trust the people who have actually used them. I'm stuck between a MacBook Pro and an Air although I am leaning towards the Air. If you are tech savvy then leave me a comment letting me know what you'd recommend! As for cameras I'm really looking to either get a new one or invest in a new lense for my current one. I just feel like my photo quality isn't as great as it could be and it's the one thing that's really getting me down about my blog right now. Panasonic have some really great models. I've always felt like the choice was between Canon and Nikon but now I'm realising that I can branch out a bit between the two.

If I'm stepping up my laptop game and getting a MacBook then obviously I'll need some form of case for it. I love this pineapple sleeve, it is so cute. My current laptop is way too heavy to lug around the place but a MacBook Air is half its weight so hopefully will be a lot more portable. And then some clothes because who can resist some retail therapy? I am in love with these red t-bar shoes from Schuh and they are currently in the sale. My feet are kind of funny shaped(TMI) so I can't wear open shoes or they slide off so t-bar shoes are perfect for me. I have a pair of dark wash Joni jeans from Topshop and I'm only just realising how awful they are. The material is so thin and stretchy and they go all wrinkly when I wear them. But these New Look jeans look amazing. In actual fact New Look is like my all time favourite shop. And just some pretty bangles thrown in there for some good measure. I'm trying to wear more jewellery and I don't have a lot of bracelets. These one also match the Olivia Burton watch I got for my birthday!

Obviously I won't be buying all of these come pay day but a girl can dream. Let me know what your favourite items are!

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