Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Getting Nakd

Eating healthy is something that I'm sure we are all striving to do more of. I used to be a really picky eater but I am trying my hardest to change that! Generally I'm really good with fruit(can't think of any that I don't like) but have a big a downfall with vegetables. This summer I've been trying to try more vegetables and forcing myself to eat them even if they aren't my favourite. So far I've discovered that I actually really love aubergine and courgette! And I've always known that I liked sweet potato but have been eating it a lot more recently. But despite all this I'm always looking for more ways that I can sneak more of my five a day into my diet. Thankfully Natural Balance Foods have came to the rescue with their healthy cereal bars*. These bars from Nakd all contain one of your five a day. They're all made entirely of fruit, nuts and some of them contain natural flavourings. They're really tasty and taste exactly like they say they do!

They very kindly send me a mixed box of Nakd bars which meant that I got to try out so many amazing flavours. I had tried a few before but my local store only stocks about 4 flavours so I really went to down on these! The flavours included in this box are: pecan pie, cashew cookie, cocoa orange, cocoa delight, ginger bread, bakewell tart, berry delight, rhubarb and custard, cocoa mint and caffe mocha. I was already a big fan of the cocoa orange and ginger bread flavours. They taste exactly like a chocolate orange and gingerbread. It's completely mind boggling that they're pretty much entirely made of fruits and nuts! I also really discovered a love for the pecan pie flavour which I wasn't actually expecting to like! I wasn't overly keen on cashew cookie or caffe mocha but seeing as I don't like cashews or coffee that's not exactly a massive surprise!

These bars are all gluten, wheat and dairy free meaning that they're a great alternative to chocolate bars/snacks if you have allergies. I'm slightly lactose intolerant but I can still some dairy just not a lot! They are also vegan/vegetarian which is great. So when you eat these you feel like you are doing something good for yourself and for the animals! Yay. Obviously as these contain mostly fruit they are quite high in sugar but it's natural sugar so is a lot better for you than the processed sugars you will find in your standard cereal bar. These are great for popping in my bag before I go to work. Normally by the time my break comes around I'm quite hungry. A Nakd bar will give me the energy boost that I'm needing without making me feel bloated or icky like some foods do. The only thing that put me off buying these bars more often was the price but Natural Balance Foods sell this mixed box of 18 for £14.99 with free UK delivery is pretty great. I think the bars are normally about a pound each if you buy them individually!

Have you ever tried a Nakd bar? If so what do you think?

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