Lush Creamy Candy Review

Sunday, 12 July 2015

I've always wondered how much money Lush make off of Snow Fairy every year. It seems that when Christmas comes around everyone goes nuts for it and people buy it in bulk to last them the year. I myself am a Snow Fairy fan but not such a big fan that I'll buy a ton of it. But thankfully Lush have a few things on their permanent range that offer a nice, mid year, alternative to Snow Fairy. And here we have the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. I could swear I've used this before but I don't seem to have reviewed this on my blog so here we go! Creamy Candy has that exact Snow Fairy scent. I've actually gotten so used to this as the 'Snow Fairy scent' that I actually can't even remember what it is that its supposed to smell like! Bubblegum and sweets? Maybe. It definitely is very sugary and sweet so if you don't enjoy that sort of scent this probably isn't the one for you. I'm not the biggest fan of sugary scents in body products/candles but I like to divulge every now and again!

Like all bubble bars this is meant to be crumbled under running water and it will fill the bath up with lots of bubbles! I never used to be able to use the bubble bars as the water pressure in my house wasn't good enough to make them work properly but now its been fixed and I'm so glad it has been because bubble bars are so much nicer than your regular bath bomb. I expected this to turn the water a really nice pink colour but surprisingly the colour of the water was pretty much normal, if anything kind of grey. I think this might have been because it was the first time I'd ever used our new bath and its massive so maybe it was just really diluted! That being said it still smelt absolutely lovely and there were a ton of bubbles even though I'd only used half the bubble bar.

If you can't tell already this is one of my new favoruite Lush products and I can't wait to have another bath with the rest of it. Lush products can be a wee bit expensive but you can get multiple baths out of a bubble bar and I find the relaxation totally worth the price. Damn I'll miss the bath when I move back into my student flat for the next year!

What's your favourite bath product from Lush? Anything I should try next?

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