Student Sundays: Making Halls Home

Sunday, 19 July 2015
Hello everyone! I missed out on last week's Student Sundays post because I just really wasn't in the mood to write one but I'm back this week with another one! This week's post is about making your halls feel like home. I remember being really pleased with my flat when I moved in, it was much nicer than it looked on the photos online! But it still took a while for me to properly adjust to living there and for it to feel like home. I actually cried when I was moving out because I loved our little flat and felt like I really got on well with my flatmates. I had an amazing first year. These are just some tips for people who may feel a little bit home sick. Remember that its perfectly natural to feel home sick but if you can push past it you will have an amazing time at uni. Try not to let it get you down!

Go to the poster sale: When I was researching what to take to uni with me loads of websites were saying that you should go to the poster sale to buy things for your room to make it feel more homey. And I remember scoffing at it. I was no longer in my emo days and I did not need a ton of posters cluttering up my wall thank you very much. And then I got to uni. And my room felt bare and I found myself going to the poster sale with my flat mate. No regrets. Do not think you are above the poster sale. No one is above the poster sale! So bring some posters with you from home or head along to the poster sale and buy some new ones. Take blue tac or white tac with you to uni because it's not cheap if you buy it at the sale. I learnt that the hard way!

Take some nice bed sheets and pillows: Buying some pretty bed sheets and throw pillows will help brighten up your room a bit and make it feel more homey. I tend to feel a lot better and happier if my room is clean, tidy and looks pretty. Its something that's pretty superficial but its something that really makes a difference. Throw pillows serve absolutely no purpose but I still like having them. All the ones in that photo are from Primark so were fairly inexpensive!

Make up a little first aid kit: Fresher's flu is a thing. It didn't actually hit me until the third week of the semester but I got sent home from my chemistry lab and slept for about a day. I don't even really remember much apart from feeling really delirious when walking home and just going and drinking loads of cold water as my throat was so sore. So make life a little easier for yourself by making a first aid kit. With things like paracetamol, throat sweets, plasters etc. Basically anything you use at home when you aren't feeling well. If you get ill then you'll probably miss having someone to look after you like you do at home. So make it easier for yourself and be prepared.

Bring your favourite books and movies: Sometimes it feels like there's a ton of pressure to be going out and socialising every night when you're a student. Whilst it's important to go out and have a good time with your friends, doing this every night is probably going to burn you out. Especially if you're a bit of an introvert like me. Some times it's just nice to have a night in to yourself. So bring some of your favourite books/movies so that you can spend some time chilling by yourself. I used to read a ton but I definitely didn't read as much when I started university so I really did value the time that I did have to read. 

Print off photos of friends and family from home: I really found that having photos of good memories in my room really helped me deal with home sickness. I printed my photos off from the Boots website but if you have a good printer then you could easily do it at home. I also think that it's a good idea to print off more photos as the year goes on and add in photos of your friends from uni. Its not healthy if a few months in and you're still really sad and missing everyone to be sitting surrounded by photos for them. Get some photos of the good memories you've made since starting uni to and remind yourself why you're there. 

How did you make your uni accommodation feel like home? 

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