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Thursday, 23 July 2015
Hello everyone! Just a little note from Hayley to introduce my guest blogger. The lovely Heather from Of Beauty And Nothingness has ever so kindly written me a guest post. I haven't shared a guest post on my blog in what seems like the longest time but it feels really good to get back into that. If you would be interested in seeing more guest posts then please let me know. Heather is blogging about some amazing fragrances from The Library of Fragrance. 

The Library of Fragrance has quickly become one of my favourite current brands for unique, inexpensive fragrances. I have the Mountain Air, Four Leaf Clover, Dark Chocolate, Lavender and Fireplace fragrances as full sizes and I love them all. I recently used up the Lavender cologne and I need to buy another! I completed the Boots Fragrance survey a couple of months ago and as a thank you I was sent two 15ml Library of Fragrance colognes.

First up I have the *The Library of Fragrance Baby Powder Cologne (15ml) which was listed in the Boots fragrance survey as one of the nominations for best female fragrance. The cologne smells heavenly, like sweet talc/baby powder which I personally love as it smells so clean and fresh to me. I've been using it as a linen spray (as you will know if you read my April beauty favourites post as this fragrance was included, here) and after I exercise as it makes me so cleaner and fresher, if that makes sense! It can become a little cloying if I use it too much but overall I love it and for some reason the longevity of these mini colognes is much better than the full size bottles.

The second fragrance is the *The Library of Fragrance Thunderstorm Cologne (15ml) which was listed in the Boots fragrance survey as one of the nominations for best male fragrance but I personally think it is a very unisex scent. I have been reaching for this fragrance more over the past couple of weeks rather than the baby powder scent. It is so fresh, clean and spring like; it smells like freshly cut grass and rain - basically an english summer! Again as with the baby powder cologne, this one is so long lasting.

Overall, I adore both fragrances, especially these perfect handbag/travel sizes. I think they should definitely make these smaller sizes within the full range! Both are fantastic not only as fragrances but also linen sprays. I would recommend both although the longevity may not be as good with the full size bottle. Colognes aren't the most long lasting fragrance format which is something to consider when purchasing; however the price is so reasonable.

Have you tried any colognes from The Library of Fragrance, if so which are your faves? What are your favourite fragrances for summer?


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