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The Scottish Tag

Hello everyone! I saw this tag on Charlotte's YouTube channel a few days ago and thought that it would also make a nice blog post. The tag was originally created by Beauty Creep who is another great Scottish YouTuber. Since starting at Edinburgh University, which has a really international student population, I've realised just how proud I am to be Scottish. Its been a big year for Scotland with our Independence Referendum and the SNP land sliding in the General Election. So here are my answers to some questions about Scotland. My homeland. 

Whereabouts in Scotland are you from?

I'm from Livingston which is a town about 20 miles west of Edinburgh. Both sets of my grandparents moved here in the 70s, not long after Livingston was actually built. My mum's side of the family is from Dundee with is a city much higher up on the east coast. On my dad's side of the family things are a bit more complicated. My grandad on that side is Glaswegian and my gran on that side is also from Glasgow but her family come from the highlands and Northern Ireland. So I'm pretty much 99% Scottish!

Where is your favourite place that you've been to in Scotland?

My favourite place is Scotland is definitely the Isle of Arran. You can read my blog posts about it here. I used to visit every year with my grandparents and my cousin when we were little. We still go every few years but not as often as I would like to. I would love to live there one day! 

Where would you like to visit in Scotland?

The absolute top of my Scottish travel bucket list at the moment is Stornoway which is the main town on the Isle of Lewis. In general, I would love to go island hoping around Scotland as Arran is the only one I've actually visited! Tiree, Jura and Mull are the ones that I'd like the visit the most apart from Lewis! I would also love to visit the highlands more and climb my first munro! 

What is your favourite Scottish film?

To be honest the only one I think I've ever seen is Trainspotting and I definitely wouldn't class that as one of my favourite films. I do really love Outlander though, which is a tv show set in Scotland.

Do you match up to any Scottish stereotypes?

Well I am kind of ginger but I dye my hair so that's not natural. I use a lot of Scottish words and I do have that very obvious Scottish accent. I roll my 'r's and drop my 't's. Irn Bru is a bit of a funny one because I go through phases of really liking it and really disliking it and I can never make my mind up. And a specific Edinburgh stereotype: I hate trams.

What is your favourite Scottish food?

I have to say that I don't like haggis! Some of the Scottish foods that I do like however are oatcakes, shortbread, tablet, Tunnock's Tea Cakes! etc. Basically all the ones that are really bad for you. Seafood is amazing in Scotland and I really do love to eat that. Salmon, haddock, prawns, scallops. NOM!

Do you follow any Scottish traditions?

I'm actually currently googling Scottish traditions because I can't actually remember whether a lot of the traditions that I follow are actually Scottish things or just family traditions!  Ehhh, not really to be honest...

What is your favourite Scottish word?

Oh man I have so many how do I choose? Aye, naw, whit, cannae, dinnae, auffy. My favourite phrases are 'did ye aye?' etc which are used when you think someone is lying or over exaggerating a story.

What is your favourite Scottish song?

I actually do listen to a lot of Scottish/Gaelic music so this is a really hard question for me! At the moment it's probably a tie between Happy To Be Home by Skerryvore and An Eala Bhan by Julei Fowlis. I have linked both of those to YouTube videos if you'd like to go and have a listen. 

Can you recommend any Scottish bloggers? 

This question is actually meant to say YouTubers but I decided to change it as I was doing the tag as a blog post and not a video! There are a ton of Scottish bloggers that I love. My favourites are Colours and Carousels, Mo'adore, Ruby Ruby Slippers, Last Years Girl, Make Up Etc, The Little Things(technically she's not Scottish but lives in Edinburgh), Copper Pink, Is It Vintage. Special shout out to Leda who writes Little Girl Bigger World. I found her blog recently after she commented  on one of my Student Sundays posts. She's a fellow Edinburgh Uni student who is from Boston! Her blog is awesome and I love reading about Edinburgh from an 'outsider's' view!

I would like to tag anyone who is Scottish/lives in Scotland do to this tag!  Have you ever been to Scotland? If you have then leave me a comment letting me know where you visited!

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