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Saturday, 22 August 2015
I recently got to attend a workshop with Pinterest UK via Google Hang Out. It lasted for about half an hour but got me so motivated. I've really been trying with Pinterest lately and was noticing the benefits but after attending this workshop I now have so many tips and tricks under my belt to help me! I thought I'd write a blog post about what I learnt during the workshop. Some of these things are things I already new but a few of them are new tips that I found really helpful. It's so inspiring to here the people from Pinterest talk about it. They're obviously so passionate about it!

I actually have a whole board on Pinterest that's dedicated to blogging tips and advice and I'm always pinning posts like this as I love to read through them when I'm feeling demotivated. Thought it was about time that I write my own! This is a very lengthy post so you may want to get yourself some snacks or something.

1. Be specific.

Your pins are more likely to gain more traffic if you are specific with your pin descriptions, board names and board descriptions. For example: I had a Pinterest board called 'stuff' and this is where I pinned random things that didn't fit in with any of my other boards. But because these images were mostly funny memes I've changed it to 'funny pictures'. No one is going to search 'stuff' on Pinterest whilst people will search for 'funny pictures' or 'make me laugh' or 'giggle' etc. Maybe not the best example but you get what I'm saying. Another example could be a board about boots. Naming the board 'these boots are made for walking' seems like a good idea because it's a good pun and will look great on your home screen. But people are more likely to search things like 'cute boots for winter', 'fashionable winter boots', 'stylish afforable boots for autumn' etc. So these would work better as effective board titles.

I didn't actually have board descriptions on most of my boards on Pinterest. So this is something that I'm slowly working on. Take two or three boards a day and write rich, descriptions on what people can find on the board and where your inspiration for the board comes from. For example I've just updated the description on my travel inspiration board to this:

Travel inspiration from a girl with big dreams and a head full of wanderlust. Pinning photos of beautiful cities, stunning architecture, dream like beaches, white sands and tourist attractions. Dream destinations: Berlin, Amsterdam, Moscow, New York, Montana, Sydney, Rome, Zurich, Tallin and London. Also including photos of my beautiful home town Edinburgh and the rest of Bonnie Scotland.

For the sake of this post I've put the keywords that I think people will search for on Pinterest in bold. And I've listed the cities that I want to go to because people may also be searching for those too. So someone searching 'travel inspiration Berlin' is more likely to find my board when Berlin is in the description. If someone was searching for 'travel inspiration Berlin' they may still find pins of Berlin that I had put on my board but they probably wouldn't show as high up in the feed.

2. Move your most popular and seasonally appropriate boards towards the top of your profile.

If you have a blog or a website you can convert your Pintererst account to a business account here. I would seriously recommend you do this as it allows you to get great analytics of your Pinterest account. Using these analytics you can see which of your boards are the most popular. My most popular board is my crochet board which I found really surprising. My Pinterest account has 2'400 ish followers but my crochet board only has around 300. This means that the pins in that board must perform much better in the search feature than any of my other boards. So this board is right at the top of my page. And then the rest of the boards are in order of popularity, with my group boards at the bottom. 

You'll then see that I have a 'Spring/Summer Fashion' board. I like to keep this at the top of my account during spring/summer because it's seasonally relevant. But when we start to get into Autumn I will replace this with boards like 'Halloween Decor Ideas', 'Autumn Landscapes', 'Autumn/ Winter Fashion', 'Beautiful Christmas Trees'. Think about what holidays people celebrate and have a board for each one. But only keep them near the top of your account when they're seasonally appropriate. If you look at the bottom of my Pinterest account then you'll find boards like 'Valentines', 'Autumn and Halloween', 'Winter/Christmas'. I'll leave those boards there for just now and update them when it's closer to the times.

Christmas is one of the biggest events on Pinterest so don't be afraid to start early. Your pins are more likely to get noticed when not every one is pinning Christmas pins. Start in late September/early October!

3. Make sure your pins are optimised for mobile devices by pinning vertical images and making sure that they lead to sites that are mobile responsive.

80% of all Pinterest usage is done on smart phones or tablets. So it makes sense that you should be appealing to people who are using these. Try to pin as many vertical images as possible. Generally most blogs are easily viewed on mobiles so pinning images from amazing blogs is a good way to make sure that your pins are reliable. Think about it. If you're scrolling through your phone whilst in bed, on the tube, waiting on a doctor's appointment etc and you click on a link, if it takes ages to load you'll probably exit the page without even reading the article. I would recommend going through your Pinterest account on a mobile/tablet and clicking through some of the links and making sure that they are ok to view on this style of device. Also if you plan on pinning a lot from your own site, be that your website or our blog, then make sure that it works well on mobiles. 

Vertical images are something that I really need to work on. My blog is optimised for horizontal images so I mostly forget to take vertical photos. I need to edit the settings on my blog so that vertical images sit in with the post width more effectively. Hopefully I will work this out sometime soon and I can report to you whether it made a difference or not.

4. Bring fresh content to Pinterest.

I don't want to put you off scrolling down your Pinterest feed and repinning the images that you like. We all do this and it's how most people use Pinterest. But your pins are more likely to get noticed and gain more traffic if you are the original pinner. So take some time to go through some of your favourite blogs and pin some of the really good photos they have onto Pinterest. Or look through your book marked pages, is there anything here that you could pin onto one of your boards? Try doing this regularly to introduce some fresh and new content to Pinterest and you should see an increase in your statistics.

I would say that the best way to do this is to install the Chrome Extension if you use Google Chrome as your browser(you should definitely be using Chrome because it's the best!). This means that a pin it button hovers above any pictures I look at on the internet. I have a pin it button installed on all my blog images anyway but it helps to have the browser extension in case another blog/website doesn't have the pin it button.

5. Make it really obvious that you have Pinterest.

People who follow your blog will probably want to follow you on Pinterest too! Same goes for the rest of your social media. So schedule posts to these platforms linking your Pinterest. I've always found directly asking people to follow you never works well but saying something like 'check out my Pinterest' or 'have just had a pinning session, come join me' will work better. If you have a blog then I would definitely recommend having a Pinterest social media button in your sidebar. And if you're running any giveaways then list that as an entry in the Rafflecopter widget.

If you have a personal Facebook page it might also be worthwhile posting a link on there too. It may actually surprise you how many of your IRL friends actually use it and they're much more likely to follow you just because they actually know you! Followers aren't as big a deal on Pinterest as most of the time it works like a search engine but having more followers definitely helps more of your posts get seen.

So those are some of my tips for running a successful Pinterest account. My username on Pinterest is honestlyrussell and can follow me here. Feel free to leave a link to your profile in the comments and share any other Pinterest tips that you have!

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