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Monday, 10 August 2015

Hello everyone. I was planning on posting an OOTD today but I took the photos for it about 4 weeks ago. But now that I look back at the photos I'm not sure if I'm really keen on the outfit anymore. Just the more I look at the photos the cringier I find them. Maybe I will publish them later on but at the moment I'm not really feeling it! And if there's one thing I've learnt from blogging it's that if you try to force a blog post then it's never going to be a good one. So I thought that I'd write a wee catch up instead to let you guys know what I've been up to.

Last week was in all honesty, not very exciting. Apart from Scot Blog Meet I didn't really have any social plans. The event was absolutely lovely and I got to meet so many amazing bloggers. You can read my post about it here. I was working Monday and Tuesday and spent most of my day off on Wednesday visiting my gran in the hospital. She got to come home to our house on Thursday as well which was really nice. Basically the doctors think she has a stroke during her surgery which means that her pituitary gland isn't working, that's why her sodium level crashed and why she had to get taken back into the hospital. Thankfully this can be sorted out by taking a tablet/injections. She's doing much better and was pretty chuffed to hear about all the bloggers who have been wishing her well. She quite fancies starting her own blog but doesn't have internet access or a computer so that may take a while!

This week I'm actually pretty busy. Today I'm doing an online workshop with Pinterest at 10am! It is an hour long and it's about growing your Pinterest account and stuff. I'm very excited for it. They had a live workshop in Edinburgh a few weeks ago which I couldn't make because of work so I'm glad that I have the chance to catch up! Then after work I'm visiting my dad so today is a pretty busy day. My day off is Wednesday so I'm going into Edinburgh to meet up with one of my new flatmates for lunch. I might even catch a Fringe show whilst I'm there. On Friday I've got a very busy night. I'm going to an event at the Lush store in Livingston and a wedding reception. The event is from 7-9 so I think I'll leave at about 8:30 and hopefully catch a lift off someone to the wedding. I haven't actually been to a wedding for a few years so it will hopefully be really nice. It's the wedding of a girl I work with so next week I think I'll be doing a lot of overtime whilst she's on her honey moon. I'm trying to work as much overtime as possibly over the summer to help with rent when I go back to uni in September!

So that's what I've been up to this week! How are you all doing? 

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