Edinburgh: Boxsmall Food Market

Friday, 14 August 2015

If you don't already know, August is Edinburgh's festival season. You can't walk anywhere without seeing a ton of posters, street perfomers and venues around every corner. The city comes alive with the buzz of it. It's great if you're a tourist but it's just downright weird if you're an Edinburgh local. On one hand: it's a truely unique feature of Edinburgh and an amazing opportunity to show off our beautiful city. On the other hand: it's constantly busy and you have to turn down 300 flyers on your way to Tesco for some bread. But if there's one thing that's good about the festival it's the presence of food trucks all around the city. There's not usually many, so I'm jumping at the chance to try some of them out before they all disappear in September. I was invited down to the Boxsmall Market to try out some things from their Dine For A Fiver meal deal. The market is open until the end of August 10am-7pm every day!

On Wednesday I headed down with one of my flatmates for a spot of lunch. We had a wee wander around the whole of Boxsmall before deciding what to eat. There are also some arts and crafts stalls and lots of children's entertainment so it is a good place to have a wee walk around. There are several different stalls there serving lots of different cuisines: Scottish, Malaysian, Latin American, barbecue etc. I decided to go for a Arepa which consists of Latin American cornbread filled with a filling of your choice. I went for spicy pulled chicken and cheese. To be honest, this was a bit disappointing. The bread was really good but the filling kind of reminded me of a school dinner. Not bad and definitely tastier than popping into a fast food place but not exactly mind blowingly good either.

I ended up with major food envy as my flatmate, Rebecca, went for a cheeseburger from Jones & Son who usually do barbecue pop ups around Edinburgh. I mean, look at that burger?! The men working the stall were also incredibly chatty and obviously very passionate about the food they were making. They were really talking to the customers and seemed like such lovely, genuine people. But how did the burger hold up? Rebecca said that it was very good and juicy. But wasn't the best burger she'd had either. But still very nice for the price and definitely tastier than a takeaway burger. I think I'll be heading back down myself to try one as they looked so tasty and much nicer than my Arepa! The brioche buns were baked by Twelve Triangles, another Edinburgh business.

Although my food was a little bit disappointing I still think the market is worth a visit, although maybe give that stall in particular a wide berth. I think £5 for a quick and easy meal is a great bargain and you can easily walk around Edinburgh whilst eating and soaking up the atmosphere!

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