Great British Bake Off Drinking Game

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Take one drink every time:

  • Sue or Mel makes a sexual innuendo.
  • Paul Hollywood mentions something sinking to the bottom.
  • Someone misses out an ingredient by accident.
  • The theme tune plays.
  • There's a scenic shot of the idyllic British country side.
  • There's a close up shot of an animal.
  • There's a close up of a contestant's shaky hands.
  • Someone brings up that Paul looks like Paul.
  • Every time Tamal is on the screen because he is beautiful( not really you'd get totally sloshed, I just wanted an excuse to talk about how much I fancy him).
  • Paul says 'nice technique'.

Take two drinks every time: 

  • There's a soggy bottom. 
  • Someone sits in front of the oven and stares at their baking cake.
  • A contestant runs out of time.
  • Someone disobeys the instructions in the technical challenge.
  • The phrase 'quintessentially British' is used.
  • It's the hottest week of the summer and the contestants can't get something to set.
  • Mary leaves a really cryptic clue in the technical challenge.
  • Sue eats someone's ingredients.

Finish your drink if:

  • Your favourite contestant gets eliminated.
  • Your least favourite contestant gets star baker.
  • BIN GATE happens again.
  • Surprise double elimination.
  • A bake hits the floor.

Grab a drink(it doesn't have to be an alcoholic one) and join me at 8pm for tonight's episode! If you enjoyed this post I would really appreciate it if you could share it with your friends or pin the image on Pinterest. Thank you!

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