How To Save Money When Buying Books

Tuesday, 18 August 2015
I don't really want to think about how much money I spend on books. But at the same time, I love reading. And thanks to this blog I also get sent books for review which is really awesome. But sometimes I want to spend so much money on books and I just can't justify it. I've gotten pretty thrifty when it comes to buying books and I very rarely buy books at full price any more. Here are my tips for people who want to read lots of new books but don't always want to splash the cash.

Head to the charity shops - Charity shops are pretty much the main way to grab a bargain when it comes to buying books. The only thing is it's unlikely that you'll actually find titles that you're looking for. So charity shop book shopping is good for when you're going in with an open mind and not looking for any book in particular. Although very popular books do make their rounds of the charity shops quite often. Plus all the money you spend on books is going to charity so you're actually doing some good! 

Borrow and swap books with friends - If you have a lot of friends who read then swapping books with them is a great way to read more books without actually spending any money! Always be respectful of people's books, don't go dog earing anyone's pages or scuffing up their books otherwise they probably won't lend you any again! I've read some amazing books that I've borrowed from friends but also some really bad ones too. It's good because if you like the book then you can invest in your own copy and if not then you haven't wasted money on something you don't enjoy!

Check out supermarkets for bargains - Larger supermarkets will often have book aisles and these hold some pretty great bargains. My local ASDA often has books on a 2 for £7 offer which is amazing considering most books are £7-8 at places like Waterstones and WH Smith. These often tend to be the more popular books so things like Gone Girl and Fifty Shades. Good if you want to pick up the latest book that everyone's been talking about.

Use loyalty cards - If you want to support book stores then I would recommend looking into loyalty cards. Waterstones and The Works both offer points cards where you can earn points when you spend that build up! Waterstones also have stamp cards where if you spend £10 you get one stamp and then when you get 10 stamps they give you a gift card. Yes you do have to spend a bit of money to get these rewards but if you're spending that money already then in for a penny in for a pound!

Amazon - Everyone acts like Amazon are the big badies but there's no denying that they're a great go to if you want to get books on the cheap, especially if you have a Kindle.  Yes it is better to support an independent bookstore or even a chain bookstore but sometimes you just want something cheap and that's ok too. 

Don't buy them! Go to the library! - Don't be put off by your local library, they may actually surprise you! I used mine for a while but because I lived so far away I eventually stopped going. But if you live close by then it's definitely worth a visit. If your library doesn't have a book you want they'll probably order it in for you from a different library in the area. Most libraries now allow you to borrow ebooks as well which is awesome as once you've got it set up you don't even need to leave the house.

What are your favourite ways to save money on books?

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