Lets Laugh At My Old Emo Photos

Saturday, 29 August 2015
Hello everyone! I was recently looking through all my old Facebook photos and I discovered some real corkers. When I was about 11-13 I went through a real emo phase and whilst not many photos survive, there are still some absolute gems. I laugh so hard when I look back at these. If I saw my younger self out on the street now I would cringe but at the time I thought I was so cool and unique. I feel like being able to laugh at yourself is definitely an important part fo being confident in yourself. My self confidence has increased a lot since I started my blog. I never would have shared these photos in the beginning but now I'm quite happy to share them for a laugh!

So this photo was taken on a day out in Edinburgh. These are the steps that lead down to Cockburn Street. If you've ever been to Edinburgh then you've probably looked at these steps and thought 'yeah I'd really rather not climb those' and then done it anyway just so you could say you did. Cockburn Street was(and still kind of is) every emo kid's heaven. This is where I used to go so that I could buy lots of printed skinny jeans and kawaii jewellery. Hate to think how much money I spend on it all. Sob.  

This photo is from a visit to my Dad's house. For those of you who don't know, my dad used to live in Telford. On that day we had climbed The Wrekin with my dad's partner's brother and his children. And then we stopped off at the local pub. As you will notice: my fringe is blue. I can't really explain why I did this but I thought that it looked awesome at the time AT THE TIME.

I think this is the oldest photo in this post. I would have just turned 12 here. TWELVE. Most of my friends during my emo phase were older than me and my mum really didn't like that and so I was only allowed to go out twice a week with them. I would normally do one week night and one day at the weekend. I remember this quite clearly. It was the weekend and we were out wandering(basically all we ever did until we discovered alcohol). We took this photo using a timer and it took as so many attempts to get a clear photo.

Here my blue fringe is at its peak of blueness. I'd dye it and after a few washes it would go a really wishy washy green colour that wasn't very nice. I'd actually just been tackled to the floor before this photo by the boy I fancied. Ah, young emo love. I think he dated every girl in the social group but me. I'm sure I got over it pretty quickly.

After I moved on from the blue fringe I died my hair completely black. Usually it was straightened  but it was raining and all my mum's hard work was ruined! After the school's Amnesty International meeting me and my friends would walk home(normally via some sort of park) and we'd hang out and take photos. The term selfie didn't even exist then but I think I took way more selfies at this age than I ever do now!

Another photo from my blue fringe days. I still don't know why I thought it was a good look. In fact, the first thing my mum said to me after I dyed it back all one colour was 'thank fuck that looked horrible'. At the time I remember thinking 'oh my god why would my own mum say that to me'. MUM WAS RIGHT. I was 12 in this photo as well!

This is from school! I would have been in my first year of high school so was either 11 or 12. I have no idea what is going on in this photo but I imagine I thought it was really edgy or cool. Those were my second pair of converse. It's funny how so much of my style has changed over the years but I still love to wear converse! 

These jeans! I used to wear them all the time and I thought I was such a bad ass. Also can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that my jeans, shoes and socks all have different patterns. Oh dear, what a state! The jeans are from Blue Banana which was my favourite online store to buy clothes from back in the day. I remember when once visiting my dad in Telford he took my into Birmingham so I could visit one of their actual stores. It made me so happy!

So I hope this post was a good laugh and I hope that you aren't judging me too hard right now. If you have any old emo photos then send me them on Twitter so I don't feel alone!

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