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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hello everyone. Today I'm going to talking about the Blogging Guide that was published by Mollie Makes. If you haven't heard of Mollie Makes, they're a multi-craft magazine that I am a big fan of! They have a few special editions and this blogging how to is one of them. This is actually pretty hard to get a hold of but I was lucky enough to borrow this copy from Charlotte along with their social media edition too! So thanks to Charlotte for yet again being a great pal and bad ass blogger in general. You can buy an e-copy of this magazine so fear not if you can't find a physical copy. Basically this is a 180 page magazine that contains lots of advice about setting up a blog, maintaining it, marketing it etc. The guide is written by the people who work for Mollie Makes alongside other bloggers who have turned their blogs into their jobs. Some of these bloggers I hadn't even heard of before but it's always nice to find new recommendations. The bloggers all come from different backgrounds and I hate to admit I don't often read outside of my niche. One thing that I really did enjoy about this magazine was the detail that it went into at times. It showed your step by step how to analyse your statistics. I already have Google Analytics installed but I definitely don't use it to it's full potential. I'm looking forward to using some of the tips from it to get a more in depth analysis of my statistics. 

I think this magazine retails for around £7-10 which I think is pretty expensive for a magazine. I'd expect to pay that for a book if I'm honest. I also felt that at times it was really aimed at people who don't have blogs that are looking to start one. Some of it felt a little useless if you already write a blog! That doesn't mean I regret reading it however. I've been feeling a bit out of joint with blogging at the moment but this magazine really helped me remember why I started: because I love writing and blogging is a great channel for me to do that! 

So in conclusion, did I learn any mind blowing tips from this magazine? No not really. But I've been blogging for a long time so it was unlikely that I was going to come across some advice I'd never heard before. However, I did find reading this very inspirational. It gave me a few new post ideas and taught be how to really understand my readers. I also found the photography advice to be very useful. Photography is the one thing that I feel really lets down my blog so I really am striving to improve it at the moment. 

When I finished reading this magazine I felt inspired to create and to blog. What more can you ask?

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