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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Hello everyone! I recently blogged about Mollie Makes's blogging guide and today I'm back with a review of their social media guide. This is a 130(ish) page magazine that teaches you how to use social media to promote your blog or business. I wouldn't say that I'm rubbish at social media but I definitely could be a lot better. With the blogging guide I found that it went over a lot of things that I already knew. So it made me feel very inspired to blog but didn't teach me very many new things. This however, was much more helpful. This contained lots of interesting tips and advice on how to crack social media for yourself. I had borrowed this from Charlotte and I now wish that I had my own copy because I think it would be so handy to have to read through occasionally. I'm going to attempt to hunt down a copy on eBay or to buy a digital copy.

This magazine has quite large sections on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Surprisingly I actually found the Pinterest one to be the most helpful. My Pinterest has the largest following of any of my social medias(even more followers than my blog) so I thought I was doing pretty well by myself. But actually I realised there is a lot more that I could be doing! I've tried implementing some of the tips recently and my Pinterest views are way way up! My Pinterest profile is now getting on average 26'500 impressions and 6'200 views daily! If only all those pageviews could just jump over onto my blog ae... I would love it if you could all come over and check out my Pinterest here and give it a follow if you like my pins. I also participated with a workshop with Pinterest UK which also taught me some amazing tips for pinning. Very soon I will have a blog post about how to grow your Pinterest account and make it more successful. 

The sections on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were also very helpful. Facebook is probably the hardest social media to crack because Facebook wants you to pay to boost your posts! This gave lots of helpful tips and ideas for sharable and likable content. The more people like your posts the more people Facebook shows it to without monetary boosting! I'm not entirely fussed about growing my blog's Facebook page but I have a page for my crocheting that I would like to do as well as possible(you can like it here, it's almost at 300 likes). The Instagram section was also really good at giving clear and helpful advice. It also suggested some good Instagram accounts to follow, I followed the ones that I liked and have been using them to find some inspiration ever since. Right at the end there's a small section on alternative social medias: Four Square, Snapchat, Google+ and something that I can't really remember if I'm honest. This section wasn't as helpful and to be fair the magazine still would have been great if it wasn't included!

This magazine costs £7.99 which is a lot of money for a magazine. But, I would consider this to be a great investment. Much better than the blogging one and the blogging one is 50 pages longer! If you're looking to grow your social media platforms then I would consider this to be a great investment. The paper copy is sold out but a digital copy is available from the Apple Newstand. 

What do you think? Would you read something like this?

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