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Thursday, 20 August 2015

It's nearly September and that means it's nearly time to go back to uni. And what does that mean? NEW FLAT. That's what! I was challenged by the team from George @ ASDA to show how I would transform my home using their George Home furniture. They;'re running a campaign(#tranfautumn) to help people brighten up their homes a bit for the coming autumn. We all spend a lot more time inside during the winter months so I think it's important to be happy with your decor. My student flat is actually very nice but there are still some things that need done to make it 100% my own.

The main thing that I need is a desk. Unfortunately my new accomodation doesn't come with a desk(like seriously who furnishes a student flat and doesn't put desks in it?!) which means I have to provide my own. I really like the look of the Alton Double Pedestal Desk as I like that it has drawers down one side and a cupboard on the other. I'm not allowed to hang shelves or anything so storage is very important to me. I can use one drawer for uni work, one for beauty products and one for tech and cables and stuff. Then I might use the other one for my crocheting stuff. I'll probably keep my books in the cupboard too! Moving around the bedroom I really like ASDA's bedding. I've already bought a set of their bedsheets so I'm pretty sorted for bedding. This bear pillow is far too cute to resist though isn't it! We have brown leather sofas in the flat and I just think this would look so cute on them! Even though I'm not really supposed to use pins or blue-tack to put things on my wall I'm going to anyway. The people who had the room before me obviously have! I thought this wall hanging with the quote 'the darkest nights produce the brightest stars'. I think it's a great quote for students as sometimes it's easy to loose motivation with your degree. This is a nice reminder that if you put all the hard work in you'll reap the benefits. 

I have my own en suite this year which is fantastic. I had a shared bathroom last year and whilst it was ok if someone offers you an en suite room for the same amount of rent you can't say no can you? These triangle print bathroom accessories are super cute! My towels are a kind of aqua blue colour so I think these will match very well! Another boring thing that you can't really live without is more storage. I have a cupboard in my room that I'll be using as a wardrobe and there's enough space in the bottom of it for a set of these plastic drawers which will do the trick. They aren't the prettiest but they'll be out of sight and are only £15. Heating will also be something on my mind this year. I'm going to try to use as little as possible to save on the bills. I was really attracted to this letter throw as I thought it was really simple and would go with all my bedding. I could crochet myself one to be fair but it would take an awfully long time to make one for a double bed and in all honesty I can't be bothered!

The last few things on my wishlist are actually things that I'd like because I think they'd look great in blog posts! Hey hey hey, a girl gotta accessorise right? I think this chalkboard jar is really adorable and would look great in a flat lay. I'm really trying to improve my blog photography at the moment and I think that investing in some trinkets for the photos is a good idea. That's also what attracted me to his gold spotted dish. It would look great in blog photos for beauty products or even recipe posts for little biscuits or cakes. It might even be nice to sit on my desk and hold all my jewellery. 

So that's me on the homeware front. It's officially one month and one day until the semester starts and I cannot wait to get back into the city.

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