Ninja Buns, Edinburgh

Friday, 28 August 2015

Hello everyone! On Monday night I went through to Edinburgh after work so that I could go for a meal out with some of my friends. We headed along to Paradise Palms which is just by Edinburgh University in the Old Town. It's food is presented by a pop up kitchen - Ninja Buns. I've walked past it a few times but to be honest I've always found it's decor to be very tacky and thought that I wouldn't enjoy their food. Until I saw one of my Edinburgh blogging chums, Leanne, Instagramed a photo of her food here! It looked amazing and I knew I wanted to check it out. When me and my friends were discussing going for food in Edinburgh I suggested it and everyone was game!We arrived at about 7 and got a table, I was quite surprised as August is the festival month and usually places are really busy. Some of the decor is incredibly tacky but a lot of it is very cool: disco balls, Hawaiian print shirts hanging from the roof, a typewriter on the wall etc. Certainly a mixture. It's definitely a bit of a hipster joint but I actually quite liked the eclectic decor and it was a good concersation point. 

Anyway, onto the food! The restaurant specialises in 'Ninja Buns' which are a take on steamed Taiwanese bao buns. I ordered myself a pork one and a portion of chilli garlic fries. We all had slightly different things but I tried some of my friend's vegetable spring rolls and Asian slaw too. I love having friends that are happy to share food! Everything was absolutely delicious. The buns were soft and the fillings were really tasty. The meats were really tender and the sauces added a nice flavour whilst the vegetables added that needed crunch. The chilli garlic fries were so hot so I wouldn't recommend them if you can't handle your spice. I love spicy food so was really happy with them. But the game changer for me was the Asain slaw. Coleslaw is generally something that I can take or leave so I wouldn't normally order it as a side. But this coleslaw had peanut through out. It basically tasted like coleslaw made with peanut butter and not mayo. It was delicious. If I go back(or more likely when because I definitely want to go again) I will definitely be ordering this. Delicious! 

I don't normally order dessert unless I'm eating with my family because they're normally paying. But when I saw this deep fried ice cream sandwich I couldn't say no. A sliced and fried ninja bun with an ice cream flavour of you choice. I went for raspberry ripple and I'm glad I did. I was tempted by chocolate ginger but I think that would have been too rich. This was again, delicious. My friend had the triple scoop of ice cream and went for mint choc chip, rocky road and raspberry ripple. I tried out her flavours too and they were all so good. There wasn't anything that wasn't amazing actually. The restaurant was an all round gold star. And for a city centre restaurant it was really cheap as well. The cocktails were about £7-8 so I imagine that's how they make their money. My main meal cost £6.50 and my dessert £4.95. I probably wouldn't get dessert again but because  it was quite pricey but I'll definitely be back for pork buns and Asian slaw!

Have you ever been to Paradise Palms? What's your favourite Edinburgh restaurant?

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NOTE: As Ninja Buns is a pop up - it is no longer at Paradise Palms. Paradise Palms now has a fully vegan menu. Ninja Buns can be found at a bar called Bourbon. 

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