Thursday, 27 August 2015

Savvy Sales Shopping

Like most people, I can enjoy a bit of retail therapy from time to time. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I always have the budget to do so. So there's one thing that can really help with that. Sales. I love a good rake around the sales rack. You definitely won't find me queued up outside Next on Boxing Day but I do try to take advantage of the sales when they come around. I was challenged by thinkmoney to show how how much money I can save by being savvy in the sales.

Whilst I do love sales shopping in person sometimes you can't beat online shopping. I love how easy it is and that I can do it from the comfort of my bed. I'd just finished 3 full days at work and I was pretty tired out(adult life is getting to me guys) so it was a lot of fun to go online for a little distraction. My favourite online shop is BooHoo. They'd be absolutely perfect if they just included a free delivery option! When I was shopping they were actually doing next day delivery for £1.99 which is pretty good as their regular delivery option is normally more expensive than that. So I'd actually saved myself some money before I'd even bought anything.

Sometimes when shopping in the sales I buy things that I'll never actually wear. Things that are quite bold or fancy that I promise myself I'll wear to a party or wedding. And then I never do and they sit in my cupboard with the tags still on. So for this I had set myself the brief of buying everyday clothing. Essentials that I could wear every day. University is starting up again so I'm just looking for some comfy clothes that I can wear to lectures etc. I absolutely love anything with a daisy print so I got this daisy cami and a big chunky cardigan to throw on top if it's cold. These both fit really well and I'm happy with the quality. I bought two pairs of jeans. They are both the same size except the darker pair are from the tall range. The lighter pair don't actually fit me which is a bit embarrassing! They button up but they are quite tight and uncomfortable so unfortunately I'll be returning them. The dark pair fit perfectly though so I'll have to keep in mind to order from their taller range all the time! And lastly I picked up a plain black mini skirt which I thought would be quite cute with graphic/slogan t shirts. These items were all from the sale and the prices were:

Daisy Print Cami Top : Was £8 now £6
Chunky Grey Cardigan : Was £20 now £15
Black Skirt : Was £20 now £5 
Dark Jeans : Was £25 now £12
Light Jeans : Was £25 now £12

So if I'd purchased everything at full price then I'd have paid £97 but I only paid £50. So I saved £47 which is a 48.45% saving. I'm just going to round that up to 50%. So I saved 50% on my sales shop which I think is pretty awesome. I would say the real bargains here are the jeans. Even though I am having to return one pair the quality of them both is amazing. I would say they're better than Topshop jeans and Topshop jeans are about £40 a pair!

What was the best bargain you've ever picked up in the sales?

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