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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

On Sunday I caught a train through to Glasgow to attend the #scotblogmeet. The event was a meet up/charity event organised by the lovely Charlotte of Colours and Carousels. Charlotte is one of my oldest blogging friends and the third blogger I ever met in real life. So going to this event and seeing all her hard work was absolutely amazing. So I would just like to say a big thank you to Charlotte because without her the whole event wouldn't have came together and my blog wouldn't be what it is today either. The event was raising money for SAMH, the Scottish Association for Mental Health, who do lots of amazing work throughout Scotland. The event raised £320 through a combination of tickets, a raffle and some extra donations. Amazing! I donated an elephant from my Etsy into the raffle and it was won by the lovely Lis from Last Years Girl. Everyone had such nice things to say about them so that was really lovely to hear. I won a £50 voucher for a Glasgow make up artist but as I'm very rarely in Glasgow I gifted it back to Charlotte. I think she really deserves a wee pressie after all the hard work she put into the event!

The event was held in the private room of Darcy's which is a bar/cafe in Princes Square, Glasgow. The venue was really atmospheric and the decor was lovely. Darcy's also do some really nice cocktails. I had a Southern Smash which was Southern Comfort, apricot jam, fresh lemon juice and apple. It was so nice and refreshing. And it came served in an old jam jar which totally appeals to my inner Pinterest-er. They also provided us with a little buffet to keep us going throughout the event. We had three speeches staggered through out the event which I found really motivational. The first one was from Lynsey, Miss West End Girl, who was talking about why she loves blogging. I found this really inspirtaional as she is such a big blogger and her blog is full of beautiful photos and amazing writing. One thing that I really took away from her speech was 'If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.' which is going to be my new blogging mantra. Next up was a spokes person from SAMH talking about mental health and how to take care of your mental health. I am very fortunate that I have never suffered with poor mental health but it's important to get the message out. And the last speech of the day was from Lis, Last Years Girl, who has been blogging since I was 2 years old. She has achieved so much over her time of blogging so this was a really nice speech to listen to. 

There were so many amazing bloggers at this event and it was lovely to get to meet people and socialise with people who actually have a clue about blogging. My IRL friends are more than happy to let me witter on about blogging but sometimes it's really nice to speak to someone who just really gets it. I think there were about 35 bloggers at the event so I can't link everyone but I really enjoyed the chats that I had with Sarah, Nicole, Mimmi, Lynsey and of course my old pal Morag(old as in we've known each other for ages). It was also lovely to meet Lis for the first time as we have spoken on line for so long that it's nice to finally meet. After the event I went for dinner with Morag and Mimmi and I will also be blogging about our meal out. It was delicious so keep an eye out!

As we left were given some lovely goodie bags. Yelp were also on hand with build your own goodie bags which were really fun. I'm very excited about my new Yelp post it notes. You can never have too many post it notes! The goodie bag contained lots of amazing samples and some discount codes as well. I have already tried out the Treacle Moon body scrub and the Bee Good cleanser and I am very happy with the results from both of them. I will have a few reviews up very soon!

Again a massive thank you to Charlotte. If you went to #scotblogmeet then I would love to read any other blog posts about it so feel free to leave me a link in the comments.

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