Student Sundays: Fresher's Week Survival Guide

Sunday, 30 August 2015
Fresher's Week is a funny time. For some people it's the best week of university and for others it's the worst. And it's fast approaching. I really enjoyed Fresher's week. I went to things every day but sometimes I wish I had pushed myself to do a little more. That being said, I still had lots of fun and I did lots of cool things during Fresher's Week. You'll speak to so many people and meet a lot of good friends. You'll probably also meet some people that you'll chat to and then never talk to again. You'll see them around campus, smile at them awkwardly and then move on. Welcome to uni. Fresher's week is fast approaching so I thought it was about time I wrote this blog post. This is my Fresher's Week Survival Guide.

Try to go to as much as possible but know your own limits - A lot of the time people feel very pressured into going to as much as possible during Fresher's week. And whilst I think you should go to as much as possible I still don't think you should do anything that you don't feel comfortable with doing. If you don't want to go out on a massive bender then you don't have to. Know your own limits. Go to the things that you really want to go to and you'll have a good time. If you want to have a night off then take a night off!

Go to some events that don't revolve around drinking - The big nights out in Fresher's week are fun but there are also lots of amazing events going on that don't include drinking. One night I went to the comedy society's first show of the year. It was free and they had several stand up acts on throughout the night. It was probably one of the best nights of Fresher's week for me. The acts were hilarious and I had a good laugh with the people that I went with.

Take the opportunity to learn more about your new city - Unless you're going to university in a city that you  live in you probably don't know it very well. I grew up right next to Edinburgh so I knew my way around fairly well but there were still a lot of areas I didn't really know. See if the university is offering any tours of the city and go on one if you have the opportunity to. Most cities have lots of free museums so go some of these. Just explore the city in general. You probably won't have the time to do that again for a while.

Decorate your room a bit to help you feel more at home - My room felt pretty bare during Fresher's week which made me feel a little lonely. To combat this I went to the poster sale and hung up some posters and a load of photos. I also went to Primark and bought some cushions for my bed which actually made quite a difference(even though I never use throw cushions at home). I would also recommend buying some fairy lights as they really help your room seem nice and cosy!

Don't sign up for a gym membership before you've seen your timetable - I signed up for a gym membership during Fresher's week and then after the first week of class I knew I probably wouldn't use it very much. During the second semester I got really into swimming but it would have been cheaper if I'd paid as I went. I would recommend waiting until your classes actually start before you sign up for anything!

Don't sign up for email updates from societies you aren't really interested in - When I went to the societies fair I signed up to a ton of societies. In reality I never went to any of their meetings. I did try to go to knitting society but it clashed with my time table. But most societies send weekly updates and once you sign up it's actually quite hard to get off their mailing list so you will be demented with emails! I would say pick 2 or 3 societies that you really want to join and sign up to those. And if you join any societies later on you can always get put on their mailing list then.

If you're 17 you can probably still get into the union and people will buy you drinks if you ask them to - I didn't turn 18 until half way through my first year of uni. And to be honest I did feel like I missed out a lot on some things because of that. But during Fresher's week you can get into most events anyway. You won't be able to buy drink yourself but people will buy them for you if you ask. No one really cares!

So those are my tips for surviving Fresher's week. Just relax, enjoy yourself and try not to feel too homesick! I don't have many more Student Sundays before the semester starts so if there are any topics I haven't covered that you'd like to see then leave me a suggestion!

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