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Sunday, 9 August 2015
Hello everyone. I was asked to write a blog post about bonding with your flat mates. I decided to make this post more about friendships in general at uni. As not everyone is going to be best friends with their flatmates after all. I think it's good to at least get on with your flatmates as if not it could create a really hostile environment which no one wants. It can be pretty nerve-wracking moving to a new city by yourself but I promise you that pretty much everyone is in the same boat and before you know it you'll be wondering why you were nervous in the first place! 


  • No one in my flat really did this but I wish that we had all left our doors open during Fresher's Week. I think this came down to us all being really under prepared as no one had brought door stops! Leaving your door open basically invites people in to have a chat or whatever and will help you get to know your flatmates a bit more.
  • Always let your flatmates know if you're having a party and keep them to the weekends. I have absolutely no problem with anyone having a party in the flat at the weekend. It's what weekends are for. But I had 9ams everyday in the first semester and 4 days a week in the second. So when one of my flatmates had a party on a Thursday night it's pretty fair to say me and the rest of the flatmates weren't happy, especially as we'd been given no warning.
  • If you use someone else's dishes, wash them ASAP. There's nothing more annoying than going into your kitchen to make your dinner and seeing that the pot you needed to use has been used by someone else and is sitting in the sink unwashed. It puts you in a bit of predicament because you don't want to be clearing up someone else's mess but you also want to be able to cook your dinner! It's just basic manners that if you borrow someone's stuff that you should clean it and put it back. 
  • Another great way to get to know your flatmates is to eat your meals in the kitchen. Sometimes we want to be by ourselves and the idea of stuffing your face with pizza whilst watching Netflix is too tempting. But eating your meals in the kitchen means that you'll see more of each other and have a wee chat. Everyone in my flat had really different taste in food so we never really shared food but some of my best memories are just from hanging out in the kitchen and chatting whilst we cooked, even if we were all making different things.


  • Go to the events in Fresher's Week that you want to go to. There are normally some really big events during Fresher's Week that it seems like every one is going to. But if you'd rather go to the Debates Union meet and greet than the big club night then you should go to the Debates Union meet and greet. You're more likely to meet people with similar interests at the events you actually want to go to. 
  • Don't be afraid to just start talking to people. I was pretty shy in high school so it was actually pretty scary for me starting uni by myself. None of my friends went to Edinburgh. But it's actually so easy to start talking to folk during Fresher's week as everyone is in the same boat. Although you will probably get so sick of being asked where you're from(does this accent not say Scotland already), what halls you stay in and what you're studying.
  • Use Facebook pages to arrange to meet up with people from your course. If you haven't already done so I would really recommend searching '*your uni name* fresher's 2015/16' and joining the relevant FB group for your uni. From here you will probably also find a group for your course. This is a great idea as you have a rough idea of who people are before you meet them which makes things a bit less awkward.
  • One thing that I can't recommend enough is find someone to walk to class with. Find out if anyone in your accommodation or an accommodation near you is on the same course and propose the idea of walking to classes together. I walk to class with my friend every morning and just having a wee chat whilst we walk really brightens up my morning. And she puts up with me being late which is always appreciated!

I can't believe the summer has gone so quickly and that it's less that a month until September and uni starting again. If you have any questions or topics you'd like me to cover then please leave me a comment!

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