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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hey guys! This wasn't actually a topic that I was considering covering in my Student Sundays series but someone actually asked me to cover this specifically and the more I thought about it the better it sounded. So I was asked to share what I take in my bag with me to uni every day and what sort of bag I'd recommend getting. When I was in high school all the girls used handbag style bags or satchels. And I was the same. But after my first day of uni I knew that my handbag was in no way going to cut it. I needed a bag pack/rucksack! I started uni on the 15th of September. When I went home to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum(September 18th) I picked up an old bag pack from my house and I'm so glad I did. I've never used a handbag at uni since. Yes I do know a few people who use them and they get by fine but a bag pack is just so much more convenient. Plus people don't really care about 'style' at uni as much as they did in high school. So who cares?

This one is from Accessorize. I really like their bags and I've had a few. The designs are always really nice and unique and I find that the bags are really well made and are very durable. I've had one before which was one of the Mi Pac brand ones. It was nice but was slightly smaller than this one! I also see a lot of people around uni with East Pak or Fjallraven ones but I think they're quick expensive. Basically when selecting a bag for uni I'd recommend getting one that feels good quality, is slightly larger than A4 size and is a colour/design that you really like. 

But what do I actually carry around with me every day?

Everyday Essentials

Notepad/Paper - For going to class you're going to need something to write your notes in, or some sort of laptop/tablet to type them up on. Personally I prefer paper as I know that I'd get distracted on my laptop whilst in a lecture! I use the one notepad and I write all my notes in there and at the end of the day I will rip the notes out and sort them into appropriate folders. I have one ring binder folder per module. This system really works for me but having something like a multi subject notepad may suit you better otherwise. 

Pencil case - I definitely don't think you need to take a pencil case with you but I just prefer to. I use different coloured pens when I write notes as I feel it sticks things into my head better. So I have a selection of black and coloured pens in my pencil case alongside highlighters because who can resist a good highlighter? Not me! Because I do a science course with maths modules I also keep my calculator in there as well. 

Purse - I always have my purse on me in case I need to buy anything. I'll quite often do food shopping when I'm on my way home from uni as well. Although I would recommend taking your lunch with you as if you eat lunch out every day it very quickly gets very expensive. Thankfully, my timetable allowed me to go home for lunch every day which saved me a lot of cash!

Student ID & Keys - To get into the Edinburgh Uni library you have to have a student card with you that you scan in at their doors. So I always keep mine on me. During Fresher's week I got this handy lanyard which has space for an ID card on it. The security guys hand them out from a stall in the library so keep an eye out for them if you want to get your hands on a set!

Water Bottle - If there's one thing that I'd say is a seriously good investment it's a good reusable water bottle. My gran bought me this one for my Christmas and it's been a lifesaver. At one litre it's pretty massive but I drink a lot of water during the day so I like having it on me. Now if I don't take water with me I get a headache and can't concentrate!

Academic Diary -  I like to have somewhere to write down all my to do lists and something like an academic diary is perfect for this. It was weekly views in it so I can easily see what I need to get done for that week. I have a lot of weekly assignments like online quizzes and lab reports. Sometimes it's hard to keep on top of them. Seeing them all written out really helps me keep track of everything. I've just ordered one for 15/16 and I'm so excited for it to arrive. Hopefully it should arrive Monday/Tuesday and like always, I'll probably blog about it once it's up.

 Added Extras!

Sometimes I have to take in certain things depending on what sort of classes I have that day. For example: on a Tuesday I have to take in my lab coat and lab goggles. Not going to lie, I LOVE wearing these! I normally keep them in a separate bag because I don't want them touching the other stuff in my bag. We don't work with dangerous stuff often in the labs at uni but a lot of the chemicals are coloured and I'd hate for them to stain all my notes! For the labs we also have a lab manual which contains all the info for the experiments and the instructions. 

I also have a few textbooks that I take with me from time to time. On Wednesdays I have the absolute joy of lugging my extremely heavily maths textbook about with me. We use it in our tutorial so I need to bring it with me. Luckily I don't need to do maths next year so this one can stay in my cupboard instead. I also have a German textbook that I need on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm quite glad to report that this one is a lot lighter!

So after all that I'm sure you can understand why I'd recommend a larger, stronger bag! Hope this helps someone and if you have any questions as always, leave me a comment!

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