Edinburgh At Dusk

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Technically  not dusk but who cares. 

When I first got my 50mm lens I wanted to give it a little test run. And what could be a better model than Edinburgh? I may be biased but as far as cities go I think it's one of the most beautiful. And it is so, so easy to photograph. I love the mix between the old and new buildings here. I'm telling myself that I bought my 50mm lens to take on holiday with me but in reality it will mostly get used for blog photos. But I wanted to try shooting some landscape/building shots before I went on holiday(I'll be home by now but this is a scheduled post). I'm still getting to grips with this lens but I've found that when I get it right the photos are amazing. I really love the first one! This post is really just to share the photos I took and to witter on about how much I love this city. 

Dusk seems like the best time to take photos. There's just something about the lighting that just looks absolutely beautiful in photos. August is a really busy month for Edinburgh but it's generally quite quiet at this time of day. The festival is absolutely great if you are visiting Edinburgh, when you live there then it can get quite frustrating at times as the city feels very cramped and trying to walk any where takes a lot longer as you have to weave in and out the crowds! That being said. I can't imagine calling another city home. Well at least not for another few years. I love being able to wake up every day in a city that I love. I feel really at home even just walking down the street to go to the shops or the library. I stayed in Glasgow for a few days at Easter and it was nice but I didn't feel as settled in Glasgow as I do in Edinburgh! I definitely know I made the right decision for my university city!

In short: I just love Edinburgh.

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