Geneva: Botanical Gardens, ICT Discovery and Water Taxis

Tuesday, 15 September 2015
It seems like it was yesterday that we were in Geneva, strange to think that we've been back for about 10 days now! We managed to book our flights so that we left at 9:50pm which meant that our last day in Geneva was pretty much a full day! We started off by booking ourselves in for an 11:30am slot at the ICT Discovery Museum. We got the bus up at around 10am and decided to walk the Geneva Cultural Trail before going off to the Museum. The Cultural Trail starts outside the United Nations building and leads around Geneva showing off different sculptures and buildings. It also finishes with a walk through the Botanical Gardens. I really enjoyed the trail as it was nice to see so many things that I probably wouldn't have visited had I just gone for a walk myself. In fact, I didn't even know Geneva had Botanical Gardens! The gardens were so lovely and we even got to see some animals. They had a few bird enclosures with flamingos, ducks, swans(and black swans), geese, peacocks etc and also had some other animals like deer and sheep. Then we just wandered through the gardens and at the other end we came out maybe a 10 minute walk from the United Nations again. The whole trail took about an hour and fifteen minutes so I'd definitely recommend it.

Then we went into the ICT Discovery Museum which is probably the swankiest museum I have ever been to. It's owned by the President of The United Arab Emirates if that's anything to go by. You have to book ahead but we were the only ones in the museum when we went! We were lead up to the museum by a very nice man in a suit and he explained how everything worked. On arrival we were given a tablet and a set of headphones. As we walked around you placed the tablets on certain areas of the exhibits and it started telling you all about it and showing a little video. Very posh! The museum tells the story of how technological advances were made starting from telegraphs and making its way up the the internet and smartphones. Definitely worth a visit as even if you aren't tech savvy it explains everything in a very helpful and easy to understand way!

After this we had maybe four or so hours to kill before we wanted to go for dinner and then head to the airport. So we decided to take advantage of the four free water taxi routes on the lake. There are four and we headed up to the highest one, M4, and got that across to the other side of the lake. Then we got on M3 and came back. Then? M2! From here we walked around to the base of the Jet D'Eau. You actually can get much closer to the pump than I would have thought. Because the water falls one way you can actually get very close to the other side without getting soaked. It seems event taller when you're right at the bottom. Then we walked down to the bottom of the lake and got M1 back over. Then M3 again and then M4. Yup. We got 6 water taxis in a row. But they were all free and were such a lovely way to see Geneva. By this time we were ready for dinner so we went back to the hostel for the last time to pick up our luggage from the lockers. If anyone is planning a trip to Geneva I would seriously recommend the City Hostel Geneva it was such a great place to stay!

After our amazing dinner there on the first night we decided to return to Holy Cow for our last dinner in Geneva. Again I got the burger with wasabi mayo and teriyaki sauce. So good! Seriously need to return to Switzerland for another one of those! Then we got the train to the airport. The train was double deckered. I've never been on a double decker train before so to be honest this was pretty exciting for me. It's the little things huh? Our flight was delayed by about an hour and we had a bit of a panic when we thought my name was called out the airport. But it turns out it was actually someone else's name so all good! The flight home was ok and we only hit a little bit of turbulence. Whilst I really enjoyed my trip to Geneva it was so lovely to come home and see Batdog!

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