Geneva: Jet D'Eau and the Lake

Monday, 7 September 2015

Hello everyone! If you follow my Instagram then you'll know that last week I went on holiday with some of my friends from university. We went to Geneva which is the second largest city in Switzerland. It's known as an international city as it is home to many organisations and businesses like the United Nations, the Red Cross/Red Crescent and CERN. My friends and I are all super science nerds(no shame) so our real motivation behind going to Geneva was the opportunity to visit CERN(the European Council for Nuclear Research), home of the Large Hadron Collider and various other particle accelerators. Fortunately, they do tours and we were able to book one for our second day in Geneva. I'm going to be blogging about each day of my trip!

Our flight left from Edinburgh at 9:35am which got us there for around 1pm local time. We had a very eventful morning when one of our friends missed the flight so only three of us actually flew out. When we arrived we got a message from her saying that she had managed to arrange to arrive in Geneva that night! What a relief. We got a tram to the nearest stop and walked to our hostel to check in. We were staying at the City Hostel Geneva which is located west of the lake. It was a very good price and was a pretty central location. I've never stayed in a hostel before but we booked two twin rooms and they were very clean and a good size. There were shared bathrooms and showers that were very clean and we never really had to wait to get into any of the showers. We also got a pass for free public transport around Geneva. Everyone who stays in a hotel or hostel gets one. How amazing is that?! It was valid for all buses, trams, trains and water taxis so during the whole trip the only transport we paid for was the flights and a cable car!

We really just took the day to learn our way around the city. There was a Lidl next to the hostel so we grabbed a quick and cheap lunch and took it down to the lake side. Lake Leman is probably the most iconic part of Geneva combined with the Jet D'Eau(jet of water). Calling it a lake almost doesn't seem like enough because it was so large! The weather was very gloomy on the first day but it soon picked up for the rest of the trip. The Jet D'Eau was also incredibly impressive. It's one stream of water that pumps 500 litres of water per second to a height of 140m! Expect to see a lot of photos of it in the next blog posts! As we walked along the lakefront we discovered this art installation with all the photos. They were really interesting to look at. I've included a photo of the sign explaining it but it just tries to show all the different sorts of people who live in Geneva. After this we headed back to the hostel to drop off our things and went for dinner. We went to a place called Holy Cow and holy cow was it good. I went for the Yo Ginza Beef Burger which was a burger with teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo and salad. It was so good! Then we returned to the hostel to wait for our friend to show up.

By this time we had all found it pretty funny that she'd missed her flight. Definitely not something that we're ever going to let her live down. After she got there we chatted for a bit and ended up playing cards in the hotel reception and planning what we wanted to do with the trip. The next day was our 'CERN day' and we were all pretty tired after all the travelling so we went to bed pretty early. I never really expected Geneva to be very hot(mostly down to the weather forecasts) so we realised that bringing a normal set of pyjamas was a bad idea). If you go I would seriously recommend vest tops!

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