Geneva: United Nations, Red Cross & Cathedral

Friday, 11 September 2015

Hello everyone! How are you all finding my Geneva series? I hope you guys are enjoying reading the posts as much as I am enjoying writing them! Today I'm talking about our third day in Geneva. Early in the morning we got the tram up to the United Nations. The stop was helpfully called 'Nations'. Here we saw the fountains, the chair statue and the United Nations from the outside. To tour the United Nations it costs 12 CHF and I'm pretty sure you have to book in. We were unsure about the tour and decided to go to the Red Cross Museum whilst we made up our minds. The International Red Cross Museum was just up the road. 

The usual entry is 15 CHF but if you are staying at a hostel/hotel in Geneva then you get entry for 7 CHF. This was the best museum I've ever been to so as far as I'm concerned it is definitely worth the price. When we arrived we were given little walkmans and headphones. As we went around we typed the numbers on the displays into the walkmans and then the head phones played some information to us about the different exhibits. I learnt so much! I started attending my school's Amnesty International group when I was 11 and have had a real interest in human rights ever since. It was amazing to see all the work that the Red Cross do. The museum was split into three sections: defending human dignity, restoring family links and preventing natural disasters. Each section was really good and thought provoking. One of my favourite things was seeing all the gifts given to Red Cross workers by prisoners. Some of them were absolutely beautiful and learning the back story of each item was really interesting. If you're in Geneva then I would really recommend this! By the time we got out we were really hungry so the United Nations was abandoned in search of food. I think if I went back to Geneva I would do the tour but I'm not too upset about missing it!

Then after that we got the bus into the old town section of the town. And we had a wee walk around there. This is the really posh part of town and here it's easy to see why a trip to Geneva can be expensive if you're not careful. Everyone seems to be wearing posh suits and drinking wine in posh bars! It is a really lovely part of the town to walk around and soak in the atmosphere. Maybe one day I'll be rich enough to return to Geneva and stay there! Then we went into the St Pierre Cathedral. This is something that's included in just about every Geneva guide. The building itself was absolutely beautiful and I really loved looking at the artitecture. That being said, I'm in no way religious and often feel quite uncomfortable in churches so it wasn't somewhere I really wanted to hang around. We'd then walked around to the other side of the lake so we got another water taxi back over to the side where we were staying. 

There was a Thai/Chinese restaurant near our hostel where we went for dinner. The meal was really nice and was only 14 CHF. I had duck in plum sauce with rice. When it came it was actually more of a ginger sauce than a plum sauce but was still lovely! I've found that when ordering plum sauce in Chinese restaurants it's very rarely plum sauce which is so weird. After dinner we went back to Gelato Mania(again) for some ice cream and then went back to the front. I had my camera with me this time so was able to take some photos. It was so beautiful at night!

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