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Thursday, 3 September 2015
I have tried on several occasions to get myself uber organised. But the reality is that since I started uni I have definitely slipped. Most probably because I've been so busy but I don't like not having all my stuff sorted. I hardly used my academic diary last year, or my calender or my to do lists. And a lot of the time I was left flapping about. So I've attempted to give myself a bit of a kick up the butt so that I get back on track with organisation. I'd been looking around for the perfect academic diary when I saw this one from Busy B. I love that in the weekly view there are two schedules. This means that I can organise university projects and work on one side and my blog on the other. Busy B had free shipping if you spent over a certain amount so I also picked up some sticky notes. I got an assortment of sticky notes and also some adorable doggy page markers too. They make the neon square sticky notes I normally use look really boring! 

I was having a mooch about the internet for planning and organisation tips when I discovered a whole load of YouTubers who make videos specfically about planners. I hate to admit it but I have became horribly addicted to watching them. I don't know why but I just find something very calming about watching other people plan out their weeks. I think my favourite so far are Elle Fowler's planning videos(here's one!) although she doesn't really have that many. Most of the videos feature Erin Condren planners which I've had a wee look at online. They are pretty expensive and have to be shipped from America so I don't think I'll be buying one any time soon. But they have a really nice layout so I might treat myself to one at the start of 2016 if I stick with using this one!

To go alongside my new planner I've also bought some stickers from two Etsy shops. I've bought a few sheets from Ellen Bee Makes of various designs. I think my favourite are the little blog stickers as they as so cute. My planner isn't the biggest so having lots of stickers helps save on space as instead of writing out 'go food shopping' I can just put in the little shopping trolley sticker. I've also bought a few from another Etsy store called Sticker Sunshine but they haven't arrived yet! I will probably do more posts about planning now that I have caught the bug so I'm sure you will see them soon enough!

So that's how I'm planning on staying organised this semester! Do you have any tips?

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