September Goals

Tuesday, 1 September 2015
September is a good month for me. I've got a few posts scheduled as I'm going on holiday for the first four days. Just now I will actually be on a plane travelling from Edinburgh to Geneva. I've wanted to visit Switzerland for a while but have never had the opportunity to before. My parents are definitely pool people so when we went on holiday it was always to the Canary Islands and not cities. I've jetted off with 3 of my university friends and I am really looking forward to getting the chance to explore Geneva. And then when we return I have a few days to get myself sorted before university starts again. I am really looking forward to returning to uni and getting back into a routine. I always find the summer holidays are great at the beginning but after a while I get bored and start to miss everyone alongside the structure that uni brings. I am definitely one of those people that can’t sit about and do nothing!

About a year ago I started writing posts at the beginning of every month sharing my plans and goals for that month. I stopped doing it and I actually quite miss writing them. So I'm going to try and do them again! There’s something about sharing your goals on the internet that makes them feel more permanent. Like: ok all 2000 and whatever of my blog followers know that I want to earn $10000000 dollars this month and date Ryan Gosling, better get it done. Those goals may be a tad unrealistic but you get the drift. So these are the goals that I want to complete this month:


·  Get all settled in my new flat and sort out the kitchen cupboards and how I’m going to arrange the furniture in my bedroom.
·  Go for a meeting with my personal tutor and sort out my modules for second year. I’m going to try and only take subjects I’m really passionate about so I don’t end up with a repeat of last year’s physics module(ie: hell).
· Organise a flat warming party for my new flat with my flatmates.
· Share my trip to Geneva on my blog. I’d quite like to do a post about each day like I did with my Isle of Arran series. I may also write individual posts about big tourist attractions like CERN.
· Have five sales on Etsy(had a big fat 0 in August). Hopefully as people start shopping for Christmas at this time of year I’ll be a bit busier with this.
· Keep up with using my new academic diary and hopefully remain more organised.
·  Finish another module for the dispensary assistant course I'm doing at work.

What are your goals for the month?

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