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Monday, 21 September 2015
I recently crossed over to the dark side. And by that I mean: I recently walked into an Apple Store, paid a lot of money and walked out with a new laptop. I've wanted a MacBook for years and as my old Windows laptop was beginning to run very slowly and had trouble starting up and shutting down I thought that it was about time that I treated myself to one. As a blogger I use my laptop a lot, at least a few hours per day! And as I've worked since I was 15 I had the money in my savings account so why not spend it on something I really wanted? I'd been debating over the MacBook Pro and Air for a few weeks(ever since I decided I'd buy one) but in the end I went with the 13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It was the more expensive of the two but the screen on it is much better, it can do much more and it feels more sturdy. The MacBook Air was so light that I could honestly see myself dropping it or damaging it somehow.

I've always kind of prided myself on being a bit tech savvy. I'd say that I know my way around a computer more than your average Joe does but this is a whole other ball park. Obviously there would be some differences between the operating systems but I didn't anticipate how different they actually are. I've spent the past two weeks Googling: 'how do you........ on mac'. Like seriously, I couldn't work out how to right click. Thought it would be the same but on mac you have to hold down control on the keyboard at the same time for it to work. Who would have thought? Apparently you can change this on the control panel, haven't found that either. So, so, so much to learn. But there's lots of handy guides online and I'm just trying to slowly get through it all. I'm working on a new blog design and I love the way that it looks on this beautiful screen.

But so far I'm enjoying the challenge and don't regret my decision to switch. When I first got an iPhone I very quickly realised how much I loved it and definitely the same thing happened with this. I still have a lot to learn but I think it's a great investment. Due to student discount I also saved myself quite a bit! I've purchased a case and a sleeve for it from Ebay. I'm really impressed with the quality and I love the way it looks. So far, so good!

Do you use Mac or PC? Would you ever switch?

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