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Sunday, 25 October 2015

I love dessert. And it's a well known fact that even when you're full you can eat dessert because it goes into a totally different stomach right? So when meeting up with my bestest blogging chums in Glasgow there was one place in particular I wanted to visit. I'd first heard of JellyBear when Charlotte blogged about it. It's a dessert parlour in the Merchant City area of Glasgow and it looked divine. The sort of place that will most definitely induce a sugar rush. Perfect. When we arrived we ogled the menu for a good few minutes before ordering and heading upstairs to sit and wait on our desserts. They have a ton of actual tables but we headed straight for the bean bags with a tartan picnic blanket in the middle. It was the perfect place to sit back, relax and have a good old gossip. The decor in JellyBear was lovely. They had so many awesome/funny quotes up on the wall and the whole place had such a lovely vibe.

'But Hayley, what did you get to eat?' You cry.

When I was planning the trip to JellyBear I was almost certain that I was going to be getting ones of their sundaes. But I had a last minute change of heart and went for the cookie dough. Charlotte told me it was amazing and I cannot disagree. There are a ton of optional extras from ice cream flavours to toppings. So in the end I had the chocolate chip cookie dough with honeycomb ice cream and fudge. As you can see it looked amazing. It also smelt amazing and tasted even better. One of the best desserts I've had in a long, long time. I don't think it took me very long to put away either.

Charlotte ordered the cookie crumble sundae which comes with cookies, oreos, ice cream and more. It looked absolutely mouth watering and is probably what I'll order the next time I go. I've already decided I'm going back for more! Lis had a waffle with raspberry ripple ice cream and marshmallows. I'm a big fan of the waffles at Frankie and Benny's but I have a hunch these would be even better. Again, I'll have to return to try them for myself. Suddenly I seem very motivated to take a lot of trips to Glasgow! Morag is actually vegan but as they do a sorbet sundae too there was an option for her. It contained lots of different sorbets and fresh fruit as well. It was by far the most colourful dish out of the lot and I bet it was really refreshing. I absolutely love sorbet and most of the time choose it over ice cream so I can imagine this is also delicious.

If you've made it this far through the blog post without drooling then well done. I am drooling writing this. The next time I'm in Glasgow I'll definitely be heading back. In fact, I've came home to Edinburgh with photos and stories that are making all my Edinburgh friends want to go too. Maybe I'll take them...

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