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Sunday, 18 October 2015
It's been almost four years since I started this blog. And since then a lot of things have happened that I never would have expected. Blogging has created a multitude of opportunities and I will always be grateful that 15 year old Hayley decided to sit down and start writing a blog. But one of my favourite things about blogging without a doubt is the wonderful people that it's brought into my life. I met my first bloggers in person almost a year into blogging. I arranged to meet Morag and Louise in Glasgow and we went for dinner together at Wagamama. In fact, I even blogged about it and you can read it here. It's really nostalgic for me to read that post back as it feels like it was so long ago(2012?!) but it was where it all began really. But it was the start of some amazing blogging friendships. I still see Morag on a fairly regular basis and even though Louise has moved to England she's still part of a Facebook group chat I have with Morag and Charlotte. They're always on hand for a chat whether it be about blogging or something completely unrelated.

A few months later I was invited to my first blogging event which I attended with the lovely Charlotte from Colours and Carousels. We had chatted a lot online and got on so well that I was really excited to meet her. The event was at the Zen Salon in Edinburgh so Charlotte got the train to Edinburgh via my hometown and we met on the train. Then we had a nice afternoon wandering around Edinburgh(and even filmed an OOTD because this was during my short YouTube experiment) and went for dinner before going to the event. Again you can read a post about the event here. The salon is very close to Edinburgh's main university campus so I walk past it quite often. I always have a little smile to myself when thinking about it. Back then I was so nervous to be going to this event because I would be meeting bloggers I didn't really know for the first time. Nowadays when I go to events I don't even flinch at the idea of that. There's almost always at least one blogger I've met before and if not I feel totally at ease with speaking to new people now. We are all connected by our love of writing and as blogging is still viewed as quite an obscure hobby I think it brings us all closer together.

It's one of those things that if you aren't used to the idea of it then meeting strangers off the internet seems bit weird. But the thing is, whenever I've met bloggers for the first time they never feel like strangers. I keep my blog very open and I write here like I would speak to my friends. So I guess it just makes sense that when I meet people who read my blog, they feel like friends as well. If you get the opportunity to I can't recommend attending some sort of meet up enough. And if opportunity doesn't knock? Build a door. Organise something yourself. It doesn't need to be a big scale meet up, maybe just drinks or dinner. At the moment there seems to be a mass onslaught of massive meet ups with tons of bloggers and amazing goodie bags. Which are nice but something small scale can also be great. The chance to really chat with people who share the love of blogging is amazing!

Have you ever met up with other bloggers before? How did it go?

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