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Wednesday, 7 October 2015
Hello everyone. A while ago I wrote a blog post about the planner/academic diary that I bought from Busy B and I thought it was about time that I got around to showing you guys how I use it! To be honest I've not been blown away by the quality as the little elastic that holds the pen to the side fell out after like a week but it's what I've got for just now! I really like having the left side of the diary for planning uni/personal plans and the right side for planning all my blog posts and stuff. Even though I've found that I'm actually using up the majority of the space on the left hand side. Maybe at the start of 2016 I'll buy a bigger diary for the year if I continue to fill up so much space. Anyway...

One of my favourite bloggers, Skye from Even Artichokes Hearts, used to write weekly blog posts where she'd share a photo of her Filofax from that week. I used to find them really interesting and miss them now that she no longer does them. I don't think that I really have enough to say to write a post like that every week but I'd quite like to give you guys a little peek at my planner every few weeks so that you can see what I've been up to. Normally I write fixed things in at the start of the week and then just fill everything else in like new plans or to do lists as I go. I've also been using a lot of stickers from Etsy to decorate my weekly spreads and I've been trying to stick to a colour scheme for each week(although you'll see quite soon that I've failed). I'll mention where the stickers from each week are from!

This was the last week of the summer before Fresher's week began so as I'm sure you can imagine that it was a bit hectic. It was a big rush to get everything that I said I'd do all summer done. Last minute as per usual. It was quite a good week for my blog as I was still sharing my blog posts about my travels in Geneva which I really enjoyed writing(even if they weren't as popular as I would have liked them to be). And instead of working in the pharmacy I worked that weekend over at my old uni halls helping people move in. I did 6 hours each day and they paid me very well for it and we got Domino's pizza for lunch. All in all a good deal although it was very weird to be back. Especially meeting the people who moved into my old flat! All of the colourful stickers here are from StickerSunshine and the blog, nails, email and shopping trolley stickers are from EllenBeeMakes.

So this was Fresher's week which as you can see was again a very busy week for me. I was trying to do as many social things in Edinburgh as I could whilst travelling back and forth to my job in Livingston as I hadn't gone back to my weekend hours yet. I spent a lot of money on train tickets this week, I don't even want to think about it! It also meant that I did stupid things like stay out at a flat party until one am and then get the 7:56 train to Livingston the next morning. Thankfully not hungover, just very, very tired. This was also the week that I decided to switch back to blogging every second day and not daily. The reality of it is that when I'm at uni I'd much rather spend my time seeing my friends than working on my blog, as much as I do love blogging. This is working out much better for me and will probably keep it this way for the rest of the semester. The decorative stickers are again from StickerSunshine and the rest from EllenBeeMakes.

This was the first week back at uni. The first week of a semester is always slightly quieter as our labs and tutorials don't start until week two of the semester. So this week I still had some spare time to do a lot of social stuff which was nice. I also went to a lecture hosted by the languages society about the controversy surrounding the gaelic language within Scotland and the criticism it receives. I was very interesting. I've been trying to teach myself gaelic for a while now but there's a real lack of resources out there on the internet so I've not gotten much further than the basic hello how are you my name is kind of stuff. All the stickers here are from EllenBeeMakes. I love the sprinkles I think they're really cute! 

This is where my planning organisation took a little dip. I'd written those posts in before I had really started using weekly colour schemes and I hated the way it looked. So I decided to not waste lots of stickers on this week and to just leave it kind of plain. This was a really busy week so me, I didn't actually end up having any free week nights and then was home for Friday night. I came back into Edinburgh on Saturday to meet the lovely Beth from Alphabeth for dinner. We went to the Bella Italia on North Bridge and I had some lasagna which was delicious. Then we went to Scoopz for some ice cream. Beth is such a great girl and it was so nice to see her again if only for a few hours. I'm sure it won't be long before I see her again!

So that's how I've been keeping myself organised lately, or at least trying to! I hope you guys enjoyed this post as I've enjoyed writing it. I might make this a sort of monthly thing if people seem to enjoy it!

Do you use a planner? If so how do you organise your layout? 

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