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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hello everyone! Can you believe that it's already been 5 months since exam season? A few of you will remember that I wrote a blog post with Witch Skincare about keeping your skin stress free for exam season. It's weird to think about how exams seemed like such a big deal at the time but 5 months on they're over and done with and we're all back at uni and we're back to worrying about the next lot. It's the 5th week of the semester. I guess it depends which uni you go to but at Edinburgh our semesters are 11 weeks long. So this time next week I'll be halfway through the semester. It feels like I went back yesterday. It is terrifying how quickly university goes. 

The lovely people at Witch Skincare have sent me another amazing parcel with lots of goodies to inspire me to switch it up this autumn as part of their #switchtowitch campaign. I usually switch up my skincare when the colder weather comes in anyway but I'm excited to get round to challenging myself to do other things as well!

So what was in my box?
  • Challenge Cards: 5 cards with 5 different challenges on them. Each one has an inspirational quote on one side an the challenge on the other. You'll find out what the challenges are later in the post. 
  • Hair chalks. 6 different colours of hair chalks. Perfect for adding a bold colour to your hair without the commitment.
  • The Little Book of Mindfulness. This little pocket sized books contains lots of challenges to yourself for tackling stress and slowing things down.
  • Some Witch Skincare goodies. I was very kindly given five full size Witch products and some little samples to give out to my friends. I received the gentle exfoliating face wash, the pore minimising gel wash, the cleansing lotion, the blackhead clearing gel and some of the face wipes. 
  • An ASOS voucher. A little voucher to treat myself to something new from ASOS.
So I had plenty to try out. But how where the challenges and how have I gotten on with them?
  • Switch Up Your Skincare. As the winter comes in the temperature change can often wreak havoc on your skin. I definitely find that mine changes and the products I've been using all summer don't seem as effective. Some of the products I was using already were from Witch but I've had the chance to try out some new ones. So far I'm really impressed with the blackhead clearing gel. You rub it into dry skin and then rinse off. You can actually feel the dead skin cells coming off. Gross? Yes. But also kinda cool. 
  • Switch Up Your Mornings. Using The Little Book of Mindfulness I've been taking some time out of my day to destress. I've always found that adding some relaxation/yoga into my day makes me feel much better and actually makes me much more productive. This book contains short exercises to clear your mind and focus. Some of them feel a bit silly but there are some that I've really enjoyed and will hopefully keep up with as the semester gets busier. 
  • Switch Up Your Blog. Witch challenged me to do a post I wouldn't usually do. They gave a list of ideas and I've decided I'm going to do a Q&A post. I'll be asking for questions on Twitter too but if you have any questions then leave me one in the comments!
  • Switch Up Your Hairstyle. With the addition of the chalks in my box I was challenged to switch up my hair. I haven't actually used these yet but I am planning on cracking out for Halloween. I've actually been considering changing my hair for quite a while now. I feel in the mood for a change but I'm not actually quite sure what I want to do but I'm thinking about adding some layers or a fringe. What do you think?
  • Switch Up Your Outfit. With my ASOS voucher I've bought a new skirt and a new belt. So now I'm patiently waiting on my parcel. I also did quite a bit of shopping in Glasgow on Sunday so expect some OOTDs soon!
So that's how I'm switching it up this autumn! If you'd like to try some Witch products you can tweet a one line review of any Witch product with the hashtag #switchtowitch to be in with a chance to win the whole range!

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