Giving Thanks

Monday, 30 November 2015
  • To Lis, Your undeniable fire for life inspires me to be the best person I can be.
  • To Dr McGregor, It had never even occurred to me to study chemistry until you suggested it to me, even though it was always my favourite subject. I'm a year into my degree and I'm the happiest I've ever been.
  • To Charlotte, For always reminding me that I am a boss ass bitch.
  • To my gran, You have always supported me in everything I've done. Without you I would not know that fortune favours the brave.
  • To Kathryn, Your dancing face makes me smile. 
  • To Batdog, They say that dogs can interpret human emotions. They've obviously never met you because you're an unsympathetic little shit. But you remind me that my problems are small in the long term and that sometimes you just have to pull on your boots and go on the walkies.
  • To Shaira, The kitchen story is at least, a good laugh. 
  • To 56 North, Your 2 for £10 burger deal for students makes me deeply happy.
  • To the a manager of an Edinburgh store, You gave me the harshest job rejection I've ever had. You ripped my confidence to shreds but filled me with a fire to prove you wrong. A year later I've now been promoted and love my job. You would have been lucky to have me. 
  • To Sarah, You're the bravest person I know even if you don't view yourself that way. Your unwavering friendship and support means more to me than I can put into words. 
  • To Natasha, You're the only person who texts me out of the blue to ask me how I am and I appreciate it.
  • To Imogen, You bought dog cookie cutters even though you hate dogs just so you could make my birthday cake. That's friendship right there. 
  • To Mary's Milk Bar, Your ice cream parlour is the best place for me to contaminate myself with lactose. Worth it every time. 
  • To Rose, I needed a laugh that night.
  • To Connor, Thanks for being my lab partner for a few weeks. I was a bit abrupt with you in the beginning but I think I was just a bit shocked that someone from university recognised me from my hometown. You dropped out a few weeks in and I haven't seen you since. How are things going?
  • To Scott, Thank you for singing in shower even though you know I can hear it because it makes me smile.
  • To Rhona, For completely bleaching our first year flat after every party.
  • To Simon, You made me feel incredibly small but it taught me the importance of being big. 
  • To Jenade, You're just the right amount of mean.
  • To Roisin, For coming to Geneva anyway even though you missed your flight.
  • To Morag and Louise, Without you two I'd still be using animal tested products. Who wants that on their conscience? 
  • To John, Stepdad doesn't feel like the right word. You mean more than that to me. 
  • To Grandad, you taught me to read and every day I see the beauty in the words I learnt from you. 
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