Lush: The Experimenter

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Ok. I'm totally late to the party. Many weeks ago(actually more like months now) Lush released a few of the products from their amazing Oxford Street store out into their regular stores. I've been itching to visit London for years but have never gotten round to it(and the likelihood is I won't any time soon). So luckily I was able to get my hands on some of their new products. I actually bought some whilst I was at the perfume event at the Lush store in Livingston, my home town. Amongst the products I bought was The Experimenter which is an oddly shaped, brightly coloured bath bomb. It definitely stands out amongst their displays! I expected this to have quite a sweet scent but was pleasantly surprised to discover it's anything but that! It's actually which a rich, complex scent which definitely has a few layers and is very strong. There's definitely quite a lot of spice in there but also a lot of vanilla and tonka. It's quite a mature scent and I'm a big fan. It's very similar to their All Good Things perfume if you've ever smelt that. 

With all the different colours in the bath bomb it actually gives off a really nice deep blue/purple colour when properly dissolved in the water. It also contains quite a bit of glitter. Normally I don't like it when their bath bombs contain a lot of glitter as I find that they are often quite messy and that you need to clean out your bath afterwards but this was actually a pretty nice amount. I filled up a big hot bath, got some candles going and had a soak whilst reading a book. Such a nice relaxing way to spend an evening!

This bath bomb is quite expensive at £3.95 so I probably wouldn't buy it again. It was really nice but I've found myself favouring their bubble bars recently as you can break them up and use each one for two to three baths.

Have you ever tried this? What did you think?

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