Stockbridge Market

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hello everyone. On Sunday I went down to the Stockbridge Market with my friend for a look around the stalls. I've never been to Stockbridge but I've heard so much about it. It's a very picturesque part of town and it's known as quite a well off area. I was reading someone else's blog and they had mentioned that they loved the pork gyoza that were on sale there. And that was all that I needed to convince me really. I love dumplings! So anyway, we arrived at the market at around 11:30. We walked down from Newington and I think it took us around about an hour. But it was a nice day and it's a much quicker walk from Princes Street. Everything looked so lovely. The market was already quite busy and there were a lot of people(and dogs, yay!) walking around looking at all the stalls. The market is a mix of food and crafts. Although I only managed to take photos of the food. It's clear where my priorities are! Although there was a stand selling dog treats and as much as I tried to take photos of all the dogs staring at the treats they all came out blurry. It was a good laugh to watch though!

The dumpling stand was actually the first one that we came to when we entered the market but we walked around twice before ordering any food. A few of the stands even had samples so we snacked on some passion fruit curd(amazing), Scotch eggs and some fancy oils/balsamic vinegar with bread and crackers. Then we made up our minds about what we wanted to get. I went for four of the pork gyoza with the chilli and soy glaze and corriander. They were absolutely delicious. They were so fresh and the filling was really tasty but the glaze just added such a kick to them. I'm a fan of spicy food and I can handle my spice. It made my lips tingle in the way that's just spicy enough to be comfortable. My friend opted for a haggis gambo from Knight's Kitchen, an African cafe. It was kind of like a pasty from what I could see but she really enjoyed it. They were also selling vegetable samosas so we got one each. I really enjoyed mine. It was really tasty had a nice flavour to it but it wasn't overly spicy. Knight's Kitchen is actually based in Newington, the area I live in, so I will definitely be going back to their cafe to try out more of their food. 

Then as we'd had a main lunch we needed to get a sweet treat too right? There were a few stands selling cakes and stuff but we were drawn to a woman who was selling her home baking. I had a home made custard cream and it was delicious. My friend went for some gingerbread which she says was really nice with a strong ginger taste. 

Overall we both really enjoyed our food and had such a lovely afternoon strolling around the market. I'll definitely be back!

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