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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Hello everyone! I recently got to attend the blogging event hosted at the Ted & Muffy store in Edinburgh. You may remember that last year I went to a similar event at a store called DUO(blog post here). Well DUO have since rebranded so this was a good opportunity for us all to check out the store after the rebrand. The name comes from the two founders of the company, Ted & Muffy, and with the rebrand they've tried to go back to their roots in creating high quality, fashionable boots that fit well. The store has had a total revamp, it looked completely different. Everything was so sleek and modern. Everyone had a look around the store to get an idea of what was available and there were also some snacks and drinks to keep up occupied as well. Including some absolutely uh-mazing millionaire's shortbread. I got to see some of my lovely blogger chums like Abby and Louise and we had a good chat to help each other decide. I was really undecided as to whether I should get a pair of ankle boots or knee highs. They had some amazing over the knee pairs too but I knew that they wouldn't be a good decision as I wouldn't get enough wear out of them.

Last year I got a knee high pair of boots but found them to be a bit uncomfortable. I have really skinny ankles and found that they saged around the ankle a bit and rubbed. This time around I was measured by the store manager. My old boots fitted perfectly around the legs and the feet it was just the ankle that seemed to be a bit weird. I tried on a few pairs this time that were a bit more fitted around the ankle but decided to opt for an ankle boot this time around. I do love a good ankle boot. The pair that I went for in the end were the taupe Spark ankle boots which are the pair in the last photo. They're suede which maybe wasn't the best choice for Edinburgh's rainy weather but is lovely and soft! The colour is also quite unusual but would go with most outfits and as the manager pointed out is much easier to transition into spring with. I did try on the Phoenix style which were again lovely but I still didn't find them to be tight enough around the ankle. The boots have been ordered and I'm patiently waiting on their arrival. Like last year, I will be featuring them in an OOTD soon enough so you'll see them in action soon enough!

Thanks to the lovely ladies at Ted & Muffy and Octane PR for a great night!

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